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  • The Kings Castle: The Kingdom Of Dungeon's Castle

    The King’s Castle was majestically perched on top of a hill and dominated over Dungeon’s valley. Dungeon’s Valley was the dominant Kingdom of that time, located on the Western side of the Drakenlands, which comprised not only Dungeon’s Valley but also the Northern territories. Dungeon’s Valley counted 3 towns, namely Lindel, Northborock and Panilla valley. Each of these towns were led by people close to the King like his advisors, Lords, Dukes, and some of his loyal allies like Lord Heines who was also his cousin’s Karles father-in-law. The Northern territories counted 5 towns and settlements, namely burburry, black stone and the 3 Northern territories. The King’s Castle was a place where war strategies were taken but at the same time, it was considered as his haven, where he would indulge in the most unconventional practices. Spanning 50 acres above Dungeon’s Valley, the Castle was the Pride of the Kingdom. A Gothic Masterpiece with orate windows, an internal courtyard, and several rooms with vaulting arches. King Andrew, loved to spend time in the “King’s baths”, an underground room decorated and equipped by the Sultan Habib’s personal architect. He would spend most of his afternoons there, surrounded by the most beautiful girls who were mostly peasants, women of the courts and servants. He was most of the time drank and loud, and judging by the circumstances; naked. The King was not so young, but he lived like he was still 25 years old, getting as much women as he could…

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  • Supernatural Themes In The Castle Of Tanto And The Castle Of Otranto

    Supernatural themes within Gothic texts are designed to push against the common way within society in order to be relevant and convey a message. Throughout history, the human race has taken many different paths and embraced many different beliefs. Three of these beliefs that have been incredibly influential in the past three centuries are: neoclassicism, romanticism and Victorianism. In each of these historical periods, gothic literature and by extension the supernatural, acted as a rejection of…

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  • Childhood Parent Care In The Glass Castle, By Jeannette Castle

    Jeannette Wall’s memoir “The Glass Castle” written in 2005, talks about her unique childhood sharing memories of her father, mother and siblings. She retells her personal story growing up with irresponsible and neglectful parents. Mr. and Mrs. Walls left their children to fend for themselves for the basic needs, such as food and shelter. Even though Rose and Rex were unfit parents, I believe the children should remain in their parents care because through their experience and various…

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  • A Comparison Of The Man In The High Castle?

    Look Imagine a world in which America had actually lost World War II. Consider the impact the Nazi’s would have had on the world if they were to win. It can be hard to determine as there can be multiple scenarios to how this would play out. Along with this, there is no true way to determine what would have happened. The book, “The Man in The High Castle” takes a look at what the world would be like if the Axis powers had won World War II. The story takes place about twenty years after the war…

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  • Importance Of Castles In The Middle Ages

    Castles of the Middle Ages Castles have been vital to history because they project power. Castles were vitally important in the way history was written, from tThe Middle Ages to World War II, castles have affected the way battles and other altercations have been decided. Castles are a major symbol of tThe mMiddle aAges, and maybe for an important reason. Castles would protect the village as a fort. Maybe more importantly, they would protect the king as they were homes for kings. Castles were…

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  • In The Castle Of My Skin Analysis

    In the Castle of My Skin Once in a while, we come across a novel that is written so well, that behind every sentence holds some sort of truth. The same can be said about the characters within a story. Behind their dialogue and actions lies something more meaningful, such as a lesson, political stance, or a symbolization of some sort. In the Castle of My Skin written by George Lamming, is an autobiographical narrative that surrounds Lamming’s childhood on his island home Barbados, in which he is…

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  • Glass Castle Symbolism

    Analena Jurić Grant Currier English Composition 1 23 October 2017 The Glass Castle The Glass Castle, a memoir written by Jeannette Walls is a story about the chaotic life of the author Jeannette and the life she endured growing up with her bizarre parents and three siblings. Jeannette’s life was anything but ordinary, she lived a tough life compared to most people. Jeannette had to grow up faster than most children and was constantly moving. The reason behind Jeannette’s constant struggle in…

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  • Violence In The Glass Castle

    Jeannette Walls and her family have gone through a lot, as seen in her book The Glass Castle. As a young girl she faced bullying, poverty, alcoholism, and sexual assault. She was often brought into these situations by her parents and was told to ignore it. Rape and sexual assault are very real, important matters of discussion and the reality can be shocking. People should be taught to report anything that has happened without feeling ashamed or judged. People should also be taught to not take…

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  • Descriptive Essay On White Castle

    Appearance wise, white castle looks to be from medieval times. In any area where white castle is located it will never fail to clash with the modernistic design of buildings around it. One design in particular would be stone stacked upon stone, each one about as white as snow. Sometimes the design may give you a false sense of elegance, but the bland white and blue colors that resemble an inverted picture brings you back to reality. Typically the walls, which are tightly packed together, keep…

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  • Castle Cheese Case Study

    014). For that, Myrter and Castle Cheese employees should not be held accountable for adding cellulose, when it is perfectly allowed by the FDA. As for the Listeria issue, in this case, all the blame should not fall into the hands Michelle Myrter. For example, the FDA sent inspectors to Castle Cheese, the inspectors found Listeria on their property (Beach, C. 2016). The FDA states that Castle Cheese continued to manufacture fake and real cheese products from March 22, 2012, through November 9,…

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