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  • Homeschooling Research Proposal

    1.0 Problem introduction This research proposal focuses on the social factors that influence homeschooling.the research approach used in this paper is qualitative research method. 1.1 Topic Basham (2012) home based education or home schooling is changing society image of education as it grows the scope and popularity in many nations. This non-traditional education is expanding at enormous rate in the united rates.basham (2001)during the last 20 years the general public familiarity with home schooling has evolved from a level of almost complete ignorance to one of widespread awareness The reason for choosing this topic is that it’s a popular topic among elementary field of study in the united states. 1.2 Problem statement This research proposal…

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  • Bronfenbrenner Research Proposal

    Article Critique: Ecological Approaches to Organizational Consultation and Systems Change in Educational Settings Per Burns, Warmbold-Brann, & Zaslofsky (2015) Ecological theory was created by Urie Bronfenbrenner in the 1970’s. Per Meyers, Meyers, Graybill, Proctor, & Huddleston (2012) Bronfenbrenner proposed that a child’s development in influenced by the systems around the child as the center. A breakdown of Bronfenbrenner’s ecological model is as follows. The microsystem included the…

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  • FE Research Proposal Example

    Everyone has the potential to make a difference in this world. Some will talk about how they can help the community, but nothing ever happens. Most people will say what if, but they never put their ideas into action. Now here is a proposal that will help the community. The name of this proposal is FE (free entertainment). FE is a mentoring program that will give underprivileged kids a chance to enjoy the latest forms of entertainment most kids have. FE will be worth wild proposal because it will…

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  • Critique Of A Case Study

    Critique of A research proposal on the title: “Financing share companies in Ethiopia: The law and the practice” Before I proceed to evaluate every section of the proposal, it is better to have some comments on the sentence structure, grammatical usage and the use of footnotes. Under the proposal, there are complex and long sentences which are difficult to understand. Besides, there are also problem of grammatical usage like instead of using the future tense, he used past tenses in some part of…

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  • The Importance Of Action Research In Physical Education

    Introduction Educational research today is mainly conducted at the University level and many of the valuable studies and research occasionally makes it to the classroom in which the teacher might be able to utilize with their students (Diana, 2011). This occurs for the reasons that educational researchers overlook the realities of the current classroom, fail to create research results into practical solutions for the classroom teacher and students, and the research is conducted without the…

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  • Importance Of Interview Questions

    If participants would like to speak for longer than 30-45 minutes, this will be allowed in order to gain as much rich data as possible. Potential interview questions, designed to address the research questions in 3, will be tested within a small focus group, with all questions being formed on the basis of evidence within the literature. Questions will be open-ended and non-leading, in line with best practice. Potential questions include, but are not restricted to: * What changes have you…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Focus Group Session

    These qualitative research studies highlight the need for qualitative research methodology especially to depict the exact experiences of participants. For instance, Charmaz (1999) discusses suffering in her article linking it to real life experiences of women suffering from chronic diseases. Their sufferings were vividly presented in detail that one could picture or imagine how they were…

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  • Case Study On The Relationship Of Service And Customers Satisfaction

    factors. The level of customers’ satisfaction is dependent on how service is provided and how service be controlled. There appears to be a lack of qualitative research about the issues of the relationship between customers’ satisfaction and…

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  • Leadership Style At Applied Research Technologies Inc Case Study


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  • The Importance Of Fear With Research

    With any research project there is an element of fear with just hearing or reading the word Research. Why is fear associated with research? Research in itself has many different concepts. According to The Merrian Webster Dictionary Research” mean: carful or diligent search or studious inquiry or examination aimed at the discovery and interpretation of new knowledge”. To me research means to find a subject of interest, ask a few questions. What impact it will have on me, what can I learn from it…

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