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  • The Benefits Of Schools In Schools

    There have been stories about the school systems in the united states that have been changing students grades to passing grades and teachers passing students. Schools in the united states have been struggling with teaching students because of the lack of funds some schools have acquired. The schools either do not have enough good teachers to teach the students or the schools do not have great up to date books to help the students learn. All schools should receive the same amount of government funding. All schools should receive the same amount of government funding to apply great books for children and teachers. The textbooks that are in some schools are so old that the curriculum is too old and isn’t important anymore for the students to…

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  • The Importance Of Schools In Schools

    Even schools such as Elizabeth Seton School-South have areas within them that are considered to be dirty because they are not well taken care of. According to Rod Moser of Family Webicine, who blogged about “Dirty Places, Part 11: Schools”, any gathering of children would be a place of questionable hygiene. In the early 50′s, their school had full-time janitors that actually cleaned their restrooms and floors. They were respected men with wheeled buckets and mops who always talked to them.…

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  • School Essay: Examples Of School Spirit In Schools

    bleachers. What is school spirit though? School spirit is an emotional feeling toward the school having pride in being part of the school, positive attitude students and teachers hold toward their school, and having ways to involve the rest of the student body. Even though school spirit is an emotional feeling of pride toward a school, it can be physically seen by the way students and teachers behave. Prime examples of the students that show the most spirit is cheerleaders. School spirit can be…

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  • The Importance Of School Uniforms In School

    an important time for a child 's development in life and continues throughout middle and high school. It is a time to find one’s self and learn basic life skills along with developing an educational base to support the students later in life. One main controversial issue throughout the school system is whether or not dress codes and school uniforms should be enforced. Some believe uniforms should be required because students overall benefit from them. However, others argue school uniforms are…

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  • The Importance Of School Nutrition In Schools

    the major concerns among school board members nationwide is school nutrition. Nutrition is the process by which organisms take in and utilize food material changing it to living tissues. Do schools or school board members understand the whole scope of nutrition or the impact good nutrition has on our children in their meals they receive on a daily basis? Since the late 1900’s, nutrition in schools has become a nationwide social and economic issue. There are many reason nutrition has caused a…

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  • Causes Of School Attire In School

    School Attire Many public schools and charter schools are requiring students to wear uniforms. As if the students ' attire affect and improve their performance in school academics. Instead, the various school attire policies are affecting the students’ academic performance because they are being sent home due to their lack of proper school regulated attire. They do not have the correct belt, the correct shirt, or even the correct pants. The student are sent to, ISS, In School Suspension, if…

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  • Effects Of School Violence In School

    exceedingly rare, but the notoriety attracted by these events raise wide-range concerns” (287). A more pervasive problem is the increase of ‘relatively low-level’ aggression displayed every day in our schools (Smith 287). These behaviors include bullying, property damage, and physical aggression. The cause of school violence is diverse and multifaceted. Researchers explore the frequency of incidents and the severity of crimes committed. Additional contributing factors include the policy of…

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  • The Effects Of School Shootings In Schools

    So, maybe if schools would not focus on test scores that much, and offer help to their students for mental problems it can over help the children do better in school and help eliminate some risky behaviors. Some classes in schools can even lead to worse mental health. Even though the event of a school shooting is rare, it is a tragic reality that modern countries face nowadays, mostly in america. If schools were to offer assistance for children with mental health issues it can potentially…

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  • The Benefits Of School Uniformity In Schools

    of uniformity with clothing in schools are significant. School uniforms should be required because they help create an environment that is safer and easier for students to learn. Uniforms help make schools safer in more than one way. An example of how school uniforms help shape a safe environment is that they reduce the risk for theft of more expensive clothing items from fellow students. “High…

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  • The Importance Of School Rules In School

    School. Most people shudder at that thought. Crowded hallways, obnoxious yelling, stubborn students, waking up early, seven hours of classes, and homework. Though school has classes like World History and there is homework and teachers who play favorites, I do have my band family and my friends. Plus, a structure so I don’t waste the day away. There’s always a bright side to everything, even school, like yin and yang. Everyone has likes and dislikes about school- the rules, the classes, and just…

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