Scientific Research Proposal

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Explain the importance of scientific research and evidence based practice in sports therapy with specific reference to four sources provided to support your discussion. A sports therapist career consist of having to search, evaluate and analyse information via research. This can be done to find required information, upgrade current knowledge and maintain up to date with new found information. Mcdonagh states “Designing for the future needs of people requires designers to develop an extensive research skill set and user-centred mind-set. As our global community faces the unprecedented ageing tsunami, designers of tomorrow need to be prepared as effective design researchers. Designers cannot rely upon a lengthy history of research methods …show more content…
To find needed information, for example a patient might have a rare condition that the therapist has yet to come across. Therefore, by looking into different scientific research or/and EBP he/she will increase the chances of finding a treatment that can aid his patient .Furthermore if this methods of finding information where to not be available the therapist could further injure the patient instead of aiding his recovery which is the opposite of what a therapists job role is.
Research is defined as the organized search regarding a chosen study of materials and sources so that facts are recognised by the researcher to aid or create a conclusion. There are multiple types of research for example quantitative and qualitative research. While EBP is the combination of clinical expertise. The most commonly used definition of EBP was created by Dr. David Sackett who states that EBP is “the integration of clinical expertise, patient values, and the best research evidence into the decision making process for patient care. Clinical expertise refers to the
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A qualitative research is mainly focused on exploring. This type of research is beneficial to the researcher because it allows obtaining understanding of essential reasons alongside different opinions on the subject. It does so by providing a different insight into the matter at hand. This is beneficial because it aid the researcher to cultivate different or further advance hypotheses/ideas which can then create a potential quantitative research for other researchers to use. Further benefits of qualitative research are: the research can be analysed in high depth due to the detail within, qualitative research is based on human practices which makes the research much more fascinating, this type of research supplies the researcher a clear insight on the outcome this is because by collecting data on the subject at hand the researcher gives an effort into the research it allows him/her to sync into the data to create a bigger picture allowing him to further learn about the subject at hand. However, even though the list of advantages for qualitative research usage is far from ending ,there are also many disadvantages such as: the quality of the research is dependent on the researcher therefore can easily be influenced if he/she has preferences on the subject. The amount of data on a subject can create the research time consuming

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