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  • The Importance Of Science And Science

    Untethered τέχνη “…The only thing that restrains science is the sense of the sacred.” Dr. Warren Gage The polls tell us that we as a collective whole are becoming less religious and less concerned about sacred and holy things, at least in the Western world. At the same time we are becoming more and more entranced with science and technology, what the ancient Greeks called τέχνη (Techne). Most people walk around with a fairly advanced computer that we call a smart phone. We now drive “Smart Cars” that have all the latest gadgets. Medical advances assist the human family in living longer and healthier and for most people science and technology are usually seen as “good”. Very few people seem to be concerned with the technological advances that…

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  • Science And Science In Okasha's Philosophy Of Science

    What is Science? How do we as humans define it? Is it by the methods people use in investigation? Or is it how we apply concepts? In Okasha’s Philosophy of Science: A Very Short Introduction (1) it attempts to force the reader to look at our own views of how science is defined and if it a satisfactory definition in the realm of Philosophy. The chapter provides several examples on how people determine science: “It is the attempt to understand, explain, and predict the world we live in,” or their…

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  • Science Is The Day Of Science

    Today is the day of science. Over the past few decades, scientists of all kinds have been debunking centuries old notions of beliefs, tearing them down, and building a new infrastructure based on proven science. One of the biggest notions is that of human nature. What makes us truly us? Is it the way we are nurtured? That was a belief long, and still, used as proof of how we as humans become the people who we are today. However, today is the day of science. Science is finally going for the KO in…

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  • Importance Of Science And Science

    Albert Einstein, often found on posters in science classrooms, jokingly sticking his tongue out, once stated, “The more I study science, the more I believe in God”. Einstein was a brilliant scientist most famously known for some of his discoveries such as the theory of relativity, quantum mechanics, and the theory of special relativity, otherwise known as the formula E=mc2. There are many theories that he developed that discuss the scientific concepts and scientific research about the truths…

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  • Science Vs Science

    Science is something that has been around since the beginning of time and impacts our lives in many ways. Often, when we hear the word science, we create an image in our minds of people wearing large goggles, dressed in white lab coats, running complicated experiments and testing different chemicals, and while this may be a significant part of science, it does not define it in its entirety. So, what exactly is science and what role does it play in our lives? People’s views of science can differ…

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  • The Importance Of Science In Science

    “In science it’s not a sin to change your mind when the evidence demands it” (Ashenbach 2015, p. 47). But how do we encourage students to seek out and discover accurate scientific evidence and understand what it truly is and not be afraid to admit they were wrong when new evidence is uncovered? Students are influenced by many factors in their life; from parents, friends, teachers, and social media that it can be extremely challenging to teach them what science really is. Is it even conceivable…

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  • The Relationship Between Science And Science

    between religion and science-- a subject that has been the topic of inquiry since the beginnings of science as natural philosophy to science as it exists now. One model that has come to predominate the modern understanding of how the two interact is the conflict thesis, or that there is a fundamental incompatibility between science and religion, and that warfare between the two is inevitable. Through the lens of this model and the modern perception of science and religion, it is easy to find…

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  • The Importance Of Science And Science In Nursing

    their recovery process, developing the best care plan and works closely with the physicians in other nursing bring all the factors required for the swift healing and recovery together in the same board. (Finkelman & Kenner, n.d.) Among the roles of the nurse, promotion of health, preventing illness and caring for the ill is the key. The current medical care has come to consider the patient as a whole and nursing care has come to take the ill in an holistic approach based on the patient’s…

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  • Science Myth Vs Science

    Today’s world seems to be driven by Science, facts and figures. But scientific knowledge cannot provide all the answers the human beings want to know. This is the reason why the Myth plays a critical role in providing answers to facts and phenomenon humankind cannot understand. For instance, we are still debating about the existence of God and creation of the Earth while Scientists built overtime a deep understanding of the evolution of the Earth. Both Myth and Science live together. What…

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  • Non Science: The Difference Between Science And Non-Science

    We have seen many observations and theories that are labeled as scientific; we have also seen many ideas or hypothesis as being described as non scientific. We need to compare and contrast about the differences between something that is science and non science. Scientists describe non science as pseudo-scientific. This is where demarcation comes in to play as a role. Demarcation is when we distinguish between science and pseudo-science. There is a slight problem when using demarcation; There are…

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