Korean Movie Flu Essay

  • FLU Movie Analysis

    FLU Movie reaction piece: Within the Korean drama “FLU,” specific class topics pertaining infectious disease were addressed in the film, as they coincided with the plot of the film, which focused on the catastrophic effects of a rampant and mutant bacteria in a large urban Korean city known as Bundang (though it was of course dramatized). In analyzing the infectious disease in the film, it was identified to be a mutated form of a particular avian flu, a strain identified in the film as H5N1. The disease mutated to an extremely virulent strain after containment in a cargo container of sickly immigrants being smuggled in to the country. Since the disease killed the majority of humans it came into contact, the primary reservoirs, or organism capable of carrying and spreading the disease and surviving, were rats and birds. However, one example of a human reservoir in the film was the character Monssai. Identified as one of the immigrants who escaped from the container and was infected while in the cargo hold as the disease was mutating, he fled into the Bundang metropolitan area, and spread the disease, but not dying from it. He can also be described as a type of “patient zero,” as he is the first known case not succumb to the disease and yet still remain symptomatic and surviving. The virus itself was transmitted indirectly as an air-born pathogen. Coughing or sneezing caused infected particles from bodily mucosal membranes to be dispersed in to the surrounding environment…

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  • Key Aspects Of A Dystopia In I Am Legend By Francis Lawrence

    North Korea since it’s in a Prison State. The movie I am Legend by Francis Lawrence it is set in a dystopian society and it is a post- apocalyptic movie. It is about a military scientist named Robert Neville who thought he was the sole survivor in the world. He is located in New York City,ground zero, and he is accompanied by his dog named Sam. A plague kills most of the humanity and everybody else turned into zombies. Robert has a decent life, he has food,water and the essential to live.…

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  • Age Discrimination In The Workplace Case Study

    solutions. One solution is to investigate. In the typical routine, when an employee calls in sick, the employer asks for the reason. If the reason is illness, and illness has been the reason for an 90 CHAPTER 3 Attitudes and Job Satisfaction abusing her sick-leave benefits. The U.S. Court of Appeals ruled that such investigations were legal. Despite their legality, such investigations are controversial. Oracle and Hewlett-Packard have reportedly used private investigators to follow…

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