Spanish Flu Pandemic Of 1918 Essay

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The Spanish Flu was infectious and deadly diseases during the 1918. Throughout history the human race has faced many diseases but one of the most devastating was the Spanish Flu. The flu pandemic of 1918 was one of the deadliest in modern history. It occurred during World War 1, when the United States of America joined the war. At the time there was no drugs or vaccines for this deadly virus. The Spanish Flu was infectious and deadly diseases during the World War 1. The influenza or flu of 1918 origins came from an army camp called Fort Riley in Kansas. Reportedly 25 percent of U.S. population became infected with the flu, and roughly 650,000 Americans died. U.S. citizens were told to wear mask to prevent the flu from spreading. Local schools, businesses, and movies theaters were forced to close early. The flu did not only occurredoccur in the U.S. it was also in areas of Europe and small parts of Asia. …show more content…
They mistakenly thought it was bacteria when in reality it was a virus. Influenza is ana virus that attacks the respiratory system. It’s an airborne virus meaning it can be transmitted through air and inhaled by anyone. When the U.S. joined the World War, the American soldiers took the virus to Europe. In Spain over 8 million deaths were reported by May. Thus getting the name Spanish Flu and entering it into the war. In the trenches of war soldiers are tightly packed and crammed next to each other. While fighting the opposing armies, the soldiers also had to fight bacteriasbacteria and other diseases, one of the major ones being the Spanish Flu. Soldiers infected with the flu were always fatigue, causing them to go into infirmary. Journalist Gina Kolata stated, “More U.S. soldiers died from the flu than the war.”(.” (1918 Flu Pandemic). With fewer soldiers at the frontline, the harder it is for soldiers to take

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