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  • Characteristics Of Fashion And Fashion

    The definition of cool is dependent on the unique characteristics and popularity that allows something to stand out among other things within mainstream society. Characteristics, including the novelty, the design, the function, and the overall appeal, are what make something “cool” to us, and these characteristics are most evident in trends related to clothing and fashion. Clothing functions as not only a social necessity, but also a versatile mean of self-expression and cultural identity. The beauty of the traditional Chinese garment has caught the eye of many modern designers who look to incorporate the traditional aspects of the Cheongsam, also known as the “qipao” into contemporary designs. The works these designers have created has caught…

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  • Fashion And Technology: Postmodernism, Fashion, And Fashion

    This essay is looking into Postmodernism, fashion and Technology; touching on Art, Technology and Fashion. Delving into theories such as; Jean Bauldrillard’s consumer society, name here and Malcom Barnard’s Fashion Theory. Postmodernism is a term that has been widely used over the last two decades, as ‘after the modernist movement’ however it is much more than this. It is wildly flexible and covers a wide range of art forms. Some critical theorists use postmodernism to a point of deviation…

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  • Influence Of Fashion In Fashion

    Is fashion based upon gender roles and culture? Does it really matter on the way you dress? Well fashion is different in many ways. In many countries fashion is based on culture. Fashion is expressed in the way a person is dressed in public. Gender roles and culture has an effect on fashion. Fashion is influenced in our life styles. As time has passed by in American culture, it has changed in many ways. In the past decades, students used to dress formally to go to class, but now students have…

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  • Fashion And Ambiguity In Fashion

    with details that both describe and define aspects of their life as diverse as status, religion and life-style attachments. Moreover, judgements of personality and even intelligence are often made about an individual on the basis of their clothing alone. Appearance matters and first impressions of tastes in fashion count. Whilst these judgements may be made intuitively however, it is more difficult to determine the exact play of elements that combine to make this language, or code of clothing.…

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  • Fashion Dilemmas In Fashion

    Fashion is a great deal for most women. From changing of one season to another, every woman wants to look best on the outfit they have as season changes. As we all know, any outfit would not be complete without wearing the right kind of footwear. Just like any outfit, footwears also come in different colors, design and functionality in order to fit on the various needs of the changing seasons. One of the fashion dilemmas that most women consider is not being able to flaunt their outfit with a…

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  • Fashion Is Art: Is Fashion Art?

    artists have been sharing their beliefs on the argument of art for a very long time now. Some of the most controversial and modern debates on art involve fashion. Some believe that fashion is art, and some believe that fashion merely consists of objects/articles of clothing that we use to clothe ourselves. Clearly,…

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  • Importance Of Fashion, Fitness, And Fashion

    The way that fashion, fitness, and marketing influences our society fascinates me; I am constantly looking at how to influence current and future trends through multiple channels. Having many successes under my belt, I have come to realize that one of the keys to my success has been the solid marketing foundation I received from the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). After earning my Associates in Applied Science for Advertising & Marketing Communications from this illustrious program, I…

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  • Slow Fashion And Slow Fashion

    Slow Fashion Fast fashion is a force that needs constant change from retailers; new garments and new trends cycle out as fast as a bi-weekly basis, putting pressure on the industry to sell fast and cheap to the consumer. However, with the news publishing more articles about the working conditions in factories, comparable to the Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh, and the run-off pollution these factories produce, the consumer is demanding more transparency in the supply chain. The introduction to…

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  • Essay On Fashion Influences On Teenage Fashion

    Teenager see icons like Beyonce, Jay Z, Rihanna, Justin Bieber, and more dressed in Coco Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton's Winter Collection and Versace, and makes them want to go out and buy these different clothing. Therefore, celebrity role models have proven to be influential teachers. Adolescent seem to follow the behavior pattern of higher status such as such rather its good or bad. Methodology The type of research that was be used in this study is qualitative research. Finding A…

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  • Fashion And Men's Fashion In The 21st Century

    up decade (Kamal 2015). Fashion in the 2000’s moved away from the minimalist approach, incorporating the fusion of trends from several different styles (Kamal 2015). By the early 2000’s, designers started to incorporate more colors and patterns into their designs (Kamal 2015). They also had inspiration from vintage clothing of the 1960’s, 1970’s and 1980’s (Kamal 2015). Women’s fashion took a more feminine turn as more women began wearing more revealing clothing (Kamal 2015). Men’s fashion of…

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