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  • Hermia And Helena Analysis

    Hermia and Helena are reading a book while sitting in what appears to be a wooded area with a lot of beautiful trees. There is also a waterfall in the background which along with the trees symbolizes how alluring the scenery was in America. Since the United States was still a fairly new country during this time period, they had to figure out ways to set themselves apart. The natural elements in this painting definitely makes America appear aesthetically beautiful and rich in natural resources which is what Frederick was arguing about how American literature could be influenced by the surrounding scenery. According to Longfellow in Frederick’s essay, “we may select scenery and climate, as being among the most obvious, in their influence.” These natural resources would help America attract people to move to the United States or possibly encourage trade with other countries. Although Hermia and Helena were characters from Shakespeare’s play, who was English, the book that they are reading could have been American literature. Allston may have been trying to show that American literature can be just as popular and successful as English literature was at the time. Neither Bushman nor Frederick focused on unity of America through friendships. Allston painted this image in such a way that it looks like Hermia and Helena are one figure, which can literally imply unity. Hermia and Helena were close friends who were being united through literature…

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  • The Trial Of Helena Grese

    Grese continued on her rampage of torture and death. Dora Szafran testified at the Belsen trail that, “Grese had beaten a girl very severely.” She and the other camp supervisors maintained their daily selections, beatings, and humiliation. She attempted to maintain control in a situation that quickly spiraled out of her control and lead to the complete destruction of the Nazi regime. She extended her reign of terror on to Bergen-Belsen. One victim named Helene Klein stated, “Grese beat them…

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  • Feelings Of Inadequacy In The Moths By Helena Viramontes

    Adolescence is a hard time for many. Those few years spent entering adulthood is often rife with feelings of inadequacy. Like many fourteen-year-olds, the protagonist of “The Moths” by Helena Viramontes, too, has difficulty in accepting herself for who she is. However, when she is sent to take care of her dying abuelita, she matures from a disrespectful child into a wiser self. Her interactions with her grandmother have developed her character into one that has clarity on and can cope with the…

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  • Themes In The Moths By Helena Maria Miramontes

    Necessary Endings Helena Maria Miramontes is an American writer and English professor. She has written novels and shorts stories, like “The Moths” which is included in her collection of”The Moths and Other Stories.” The Moths is a coming-of-age story about a 14 year old girl who takes care of her sick abuelita. The characters of the story are the mom, the father, the girl’s older sisters, and the narrator which is the girl. The narrator is described as being different, unlike her older sisters…

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  • Family Diversity In 'Umbertina' By Helena Barolini

    The book, “Umbertina” by Helena Barolini is one that captures the experiences of immigration from Italy to America. It is a story of how an Italian family moved from poverty to poverty and finally to riches through sheer hard work and determination from Umbertina. The story is one that traverses through three generations of women in one family and is a tale of family strength, heritage and culture that moves through three generations of an Italian-American family struggling to get rich enough to…

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  • Summary Of The Moths By Helena Maria Viramontes

    Typically, Mexican households hold a rule that being obedient and respectful is not an option. A child is not supposed to question how they are being raised. In a short story written by Helena Maria Viramontes, called “The Moths,” a granddaughter attempts to make sense of why she feels isolated from her family. The story features a Mexican family living in Los Angeles mainly focusing on a fourteen-year-old girl referred to as the granddaughter, her mother Ama, and Amas mother Abuelita, making up…

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  • Short Summary: The Moths By Helena Viramontes

    We all have families that guide us to discover our identity and background, but does that mean we have to follow through the same traditions? The short story “The Moths” by Helena Viramontes tells the story of a fourteen-year-old who describes herself as unattractive, disrespectful and unlike other girls. Although she is mistreated and abused by her family she has an Abuelita who cares for her. She is then forced to care for her ailing Abuelita who is dying through her last days shaping her to…

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  • Analysis Of The Moth By Helena Maria Viramontes

    Short stories are fictional writings that can grasp the reader 's attention and make their imagination run wild with only reading a few pages. Although short in length, short stories are a form of captivating art that are just as thrilling as a regular novel. One particular short story that is completely mesmerizing is, “The Moth” by author Helena Maria Viramontes, that brings the element of magic into affect. In this short first person narrative, a Latina granddaughter recalls back to the time…

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  • Compare And Contrast Helena And Hermia In A Midsummer Night's Dream

    complement each other, and that is why they stay friends. Helena and Hermia are the epitome of FOILs in A Midsummer Night's Dream, they are two different people that managed to stay friends. Hermia is confident and sticks up for what she believes in, whereas Helena is insecure and believes that no one will ever love her. However, they are both similar in the fact that they would do anything for their love. Friendships can occur between two very different people. For example, one friend may be…

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  • Emotions And Reality In The Moths By Helena Maria Viramontes

    Fiction can be a great medium to tell stories that invoke deep emotions and thoughts within the reader, despite taking place in a fictional place these stories can often be seen as another reality. Some stories can even give real details about the writer, as well as detail a scenario that one can relate to. In her short story “The Moths”, Helena Maria Viramontes details the life of a young woman disgusted by her lack of femininity in her abusive family’s eyes, the woman is overwhelmed by her…

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