Fashion In 1940s

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The New Look of the 1940s became the era of change that influences most fashion now and the years after.
The New look was created by Christian Dior in France. The look included a pinched waist, softened shoulders, and a full skirt. The pinched waist started the popular hourglass look. The full skirts are especially popular today on wedding dresses and red carpet looks.
Another factor that helped shape fashion the way it is now was the shortage of fabrics because they needed so much to make uniform and coats for the soldiers in World War II. This shortage caused the inventions of the bikini, bras, slimmer dresses, and knee length skirts. They all are very popular designs nowadays. When we think of a skirt we usually picture above
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This includes, maroon, olive, cream, and turquoise, which you see in lots of clothes now.
A style you also think of about the sixties is the “hippie” or “peace” style. This brought popular items such as jeans, sunglasses, and tie dyed shirts. We wear jeans in most outfits now, just as they did in the sixties. You also find sunglasses on the faces of people on the beach or in sunny weather.
Leggings are also very in style right now. This look came from the sixties. They took their bright colors and patterns into a thicker tight format. In the forties they usually had skin color and black tights to wear underneath their dresses, not as pants like in the sixties.
Many people believe the 1940s was the most significant time period for us to base our fashion on, while other say the sixties were the most prominent source for our fashion today. However, the forties had a bigger impact on us because many of the sixties ideas were shaped by the forties ideas. The forties also swayed us into using less fabric because they didn’t have much fabric to work with. We have been extremely inveigled us into making the close we have today. From wearing a bra to peep toed shoe, we are mostly likely wearing style from the

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