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  • Food Foods, Sweet Food

    Food, sweet food. I am so glad that I attend a university that has the national ranked dining system in the whole country.I am not some crazy food lover, nor a picky person on food, but after I came to this strange country far away from my home, I realized that food matters. For the last 10 years, I am always trying to get weight because I am too weak and thin, and eating more foods seems the only way to do so. So I almost eat everything eatable that I got and my parents are always try to cook new foods for me to eat so that I can eat more. Unfortunately, because of my rapid metabolism and some other biological reasons, I just cannot get weight no matter how much I eat. The good thing is, I become tolerant to almost every foods and I nearly have no preferences on foods. I thought I would be okay for studying abroad for 4 years, but just after the first week of my college life, I became home sick, and more specifically, I missed foods back at home. With the highly developed technology, I can never missed my parents, my home nor my friends. My parents approximately had a video chat everyday, I still felt like home, being told to do or not to do something, asked about so many things, at a moment I think I am even felt sick of all that home stuffs, instead of homesick. I just didn’t want to waste my time on chatting with my parents in the other hand I can use it on my own works, being really independent. But these changed one day, when I ordering a piece of Chinese style stir…

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  • The Importance Of Food And Food

    Consuming the essence of power Food, throughout history has been the major factor of survival on Earth since the times of hunter and gathers who lived nomadic lives and would voyage to find abundant foods (Hendry 2008: 237). Even today, humans still carry the importance of food to fulfill a need of satisfying their hunger but also to satisfy the economical and agricultural growth for the ever-growing population that exists today (Hendry 2008: 240). Nonetheless, food can mean more than simply…

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  • Food Vs Food

    Around the globe food is one of the only technologies that varies drastically in presentation across all cultures. Varying in size, contents, flavours, shapes, smells and taste so greatly, from pizza and fries – both of which originating from completely differing areas – to falafel and soft drinks. It’s no wonder people are so greatly influenced by the food available to them. However, does the food we eat influence us too much, and is food the real guiding force? Food is attributed to be one of…

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  • The Importance Of Food On Food

    car once again has the energy to move. This is similar to the relationship between our bodies and food. We eat food as a source of energy to power us through the day. When we feel low on energy and are lacking that power, we eat to refuel our bodies. But what if we eat the wrong thing? Just as a truck won 't run on regular gasoline and a car won 't run on diesel, our bodies won 't function well if we aren 't eating good. Therefore, Americans need to pay attention to what 's happening in the food…

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  • Food In Fast Food

    Food is one of the most important topics we discuss in life, especially in today’s society. At a very rapid pace, America evolved into a nation of unhealthy consumerism. Fast food restaurants went up on every street corner in a matter of just a few years. Companies began distributing toys with kids meals in order to become more appealing. They were able to recognize that parents don’t want to fight with a screaming 6 year old that wants a toy from McDonald’s because they now have Avengers toys…

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  • Fast Food And Processed Foods

    “Fast food is popular because it’s convenient, it’s cheap, and it tastes good. But the real cost of eating fast food never appears on the menu.” --Eric Schlosser (director of Food Inc.). With the government subsidizing corn crops, almost all food that is processed in factories are becoming more cheap. Although some types of food are becoming more cheap these days, there are various health risks that come along with cheap prices. Processed foods are becoming more of an issue these days than…

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  • The Importance Of Food And Food Habits

    Food just like water, is the necessity that rules our lives and what we need to survive. Unlike water, we have choices and different ways we eat food creating many different diets and lifestyles. The way we eat influences our lives like where we go for dinner and our diet. Most of the time this choice is made by distance of the place or price and not what is in the food. We judge food based on factors like taste and price. The food industry takes advantage of our wants giving it to us, so we buy…

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  • Food Insecurity In College Food

    Discussion The study addresses two questions: How do college students obtain the meals they are eating? Why are they consuming this food? According to my results, I found that food being accessible, cheap, and a healthy option factors heavily into the way a college student plans their diet. College students are aware that they should be eating healthy, however they have little time and money that cannot be wasted towards food, so they look for meals that help them save on both, all while still…

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  • Organic Food In Whole Food

    Entry 1 I go into Whole Foods at least three times a week whether its to grab a smoothie, grab a treat, or pick up some ingredients for dinner but lately looking at the receipts I have come to question is the price truly worth it. There are a million other smoothie places around and King Supers around the corner but like many others I fell into believing organic food is better quality and beneficial just because that is what I have been told. My research question is “How, if at all, do the…

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  • Food Consumption In Fast Food

    Food consumption is an essential to the daily life of every individual in this world. The average calorie intake for a healthy adult varies from 2000-2800 calories per day. (WebMD 1). There are many adults who are not following these amounts of calories and it is becoming a huge issue in the United States. More than two-thirds of americans are considered to be overweight or obese. (NIH 2). Many people seem to be unaware of the ingredients and calories that are in their diet. Americans today…

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