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The artery that supplies blood to kidney?
Renal Artery
The vein that collects blood from the kidney?
Renal Vein
The kidney vessels that pass through the renal columns?
Interlobar Artery/Veins
The tube that collects urine from the kidney and carries it to the urinary bladder?
The part of the bladder where the urethra begins?
The folds in the urinary bladder?
The name for the voluntary urinary sphincter?
External Sphincter
The name for the bladder muscle?
Detrusor Muscle
The triangular area between the ureteral orifices and the urethral orifice?
The fibrous covering of the kidney?
The outer zone of kidney where nephrons are located?
The arteries that extend up into the cortex and supply blood to afferent arterioles?
Cortical Radiate Artery OR Interlobular Artery
The part of the kidney that contains numerous tubules and ends in the renal papilla?
Renal Pyramid
The smaller funnel-like structures that collect urine from renal papilla?
Minor Calyx
The larger channels that receive urine from minor calyx?
Major Calyx
The large central cavity that receives urine before it passes out of the kidney?
Renal Pelvis
The depression on medial side of kidney through which structures enter and exit the kidney?
The cavity just inside the (renal) hilus?
Renal Sinus
The loops of capillaries inside Bowman's capsule?
The small vessel that brings blood directly into glomerulus?
Afferent Arteriole
The small vessel that collects blood from glomerulus?
Efferent Arteriole
The first tube of the nephron that emerges from the Bowman's capsule?
Proximal Convoluted Tubule
The nephron tubule that extends down into the medulla and back up into the cortex?
Loop of Henle
The next tubule after the loop of henle?
Distal Convoluted Tubule
The channel that receives filtrate from the distal convoluted tubule. It extends down through the inner layer of the kidney?
Collecting Duct
The net-like mass of capillaries that wind all around the nephron tubules?
Peritubular Capillaries