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The external opening into nasal cavity?
External Naris
The bony structures in the nasal cavity that extend from the lateral walls of nasal cavity and form passageways called the meatuses?
Nasal Conchae
The conical, finger-like, muscular process hanging down from the soft palate?
The passageway from the posterior part of the nasal cavity into nasopharynx?
Internal Naris
The superior part of the pharynx?
The tube leading to the middle ear from the superior part of the pharynx?
Auditory (Eustachian0 Tube
The tonsil in posterior wall of the superior part of pharynx?
Pharyngeal Tonsil
The middle part of pharynx?
The inferior part pf pharynx?
The tonsils in fold between oral cavity and oropharynx?
Palatine Tonsils
The tonsil at the base of the tongue?
Lingual Tonsil
The tongue bone?
Hyoid Bone
The largest laryngeal cartilage?
Thyroid Cartilage
The cartilage inferior to the thyroid cartilage?
Cricoid Cartilage
The ladle-shaped cartilages on superior border of cricoid cartilage?
Arytenoid Cartilage
The small horn-like cartilages that articulate with the arytenoid cartilages?
Corniculate Cartilage
The proper name for vocal cords?
Vocal Folds
The cartilaginous lid that closes the opening into the larynx?
What is the shape of the tracheal cartilages?
The branches of trachea that transmit air to lungs?
Primary Bronchi
The branches of the airways (of the primary bronchi) that transmit air to the lung lobules?
Secondary Bronchi
The branches of the airways (of the secondary bronchi) that transmit air to the broncopulmonary segements?
Tertiary Bronchi
The small, muscular airways that brannch off the tertiary bronchi?
The first airways to exchange gases?
Respiratory Bronchioles
The blind-end tubes that lead to alveoli and alveolar sacs?
Alveolar Ducts
The cells within alveoli that secrete surfactant?
Septal Cells
What is another name for the alveolar macrophages?
Dust Cells
The top of the lung?
The bottom of the lung?
The depression where structures enter and exit the lungs?
Which lung as only one fissure?
Left Lung
Which lung has a horizontal fissure?
Right Lung
Which lung has a cardiac notch? Why does this lung have the cardiac notch?
Left Lung; Heart
The pleural membrane that covers the sruface of the lung and extends into the fissures between lobes?
Visceral Pleura
The pleural membrane that lines the inner surface of the thoracic wall and extends over the diaphragm and mediastinum?
Parietal Pleura
The potential space that lies between the above membranes?
Pleural Cavity
The main muscles of respiration?
The rib muscles used during eupnea?
External Intercostals
The epithelium lining most of the nasal cavity, larynx below vocal folds, trachea, bronchi, and most bronchiles?
Pseudostratified Ciliated Columnar