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The skin covered sac for testes?
The sac, enclosing each testes. (Represents an isolated part of the peritoneum that descended into the scrotum with the testis)
Tunica Vaginalis
The tubules where spermatogenesis occurs?
Seminiferous Tubules
The subdivisions of the testis containing the seminiferous tubules?
The structure lying along the posterior border of the testis. It contains a tubule that is over twenty-feet long.
The proper name for the tube that tranports sperm from the tail of the epididymis to behind the urinary bladder?
Ductus Deferens
The muscle that raises and lowers the testits?
Cremaster Muscle
What vessels transport blood to and from male gonads?
Testicular Artery + Testicular Vein
The enlarged distal end of sperm duct?
Ampulla of the Ductus Deferens
The pear-shaped glands posterior to bladder?
Seminal Vesicles
The channel formed by the union of ampulla of the ductus deferns and the seminal vesicle.
Ejaculatory Duct
The walnut-shaped gland that surrounds the urethra below the bladder neck?
Prostate Gland
The pea-shaped glands below the prostate gland?
Cowper's Glands
The erectile body of penis that contains the urethra?
Corpus Spongiosum
The large paired erectile masses of penis?
Corpora Cavernosa
The enlarged tip (head) of the penis?
Glands Penis
The sheath of penis head?
What vessel transport blood to and from the female gonads?
Ovarian Artery + Ovarian Vein
The dome shaped top of uterus?
The main part of uterus?
The neck of uterus?
The passageway through the neck of the uterus?
Cervical Canal
The inner lining of uterus?
The muscular layer of uterus?
The peritoneum that surrounds part of the uterus?
What is another name for the uterine tubes?
Fallopian Tubes
The enlarged distal part of uterine tubes where fertilization occurs?
Ampulla of Fallopian Tubes
The funnel-shaped end of the uterine tube?
The fingers on the infundibulum?
The female erectile structure that causes sexual arousal?
The outer folds of vulva?
Labia Majora
The inner folds of vulva?
Labia Minora
The space between inner folds?
Genital Vestibule
The opening that is anterior to vaginal orifice?
Urethral Orifice
The female gonad?
Give two functions for the female gonad?
Eggs + Hormones
Inside the ovary, immature oocytes are enclosed by ovarian _______.
The name for structures in the breast that secrete milk?
Mammary Glands
The pigmented area around nipple?
The channels through which milk passes?
Mammary Duct
The dilated regions where milk accumulates during nursing?
Lactiferous Sinuses