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What is the gross domestic product (GDP)?
All the goods and services on record as produced by a country’s economy in a given year.

What is relative poverty?
The deprivation of some people in relation to those who have more.

What is absolute poverty?
A lack of resources that is life-threatening.

-Suffer from hunger
What is neocolonialism?
A new form of global power relationship that involves not direct political control byt economic exploitation by multinational corporations.

-Wenn China Afrika viel Geld gibt und dafür die Bodenschätze bekommt & andere lebensnotwenige Resourcen
What are multinational corporations?
Large corporations that operate in many different countries.
What are the problems with the Millennium Goals?
1) the targets have been set too low
2) there are real problems about measuring poverty
3) time problem; population will grow
4) ideological element → people want to find ‘progress’
What are the 4 key groups that are the most vulnerable to poverty?
1) Children
2) Refugees (Flüchtlinge)
3) Zhe ageing
4) Women
What is the modernization theory?
It can be linked to the advance of industrial societies overtaking traditional life.
What are the neoliberal theories of development?
Profit is the motor engine of social change.
What are the dependency and underdevelopment theories?
Poor countries have been exploited (ausgenutzt) which has lead to underdevelopment.