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What is social division?
Human differences that are socially significant.
What is social stratification?
A system by which a society ranks categories of people in a hierarchy.
It is developed historically, structural and difficult to change but possible.
What are the 5 basic principles of social stratisication?
1) social stratification is a characteristic of society, not simply a reflection of individual differences.

2) social stratification persists over generations.

3) social stratification is universal but variable
what is unequal and how unequal it is varies

4) social stratification involves not just inequality but beliefs

5) social stratification produces shared identities
What does social mobility mean?
Change in one’s position in a social hierarchy.
(can be upwards or downwards)
What is the processes of stratification?
- social exclusion and marginalization
- exploitation
- powerlessness
- cultural imperialism
- violence
What is intersectionality?
The ways in which different forms of inequality and division interact with each other.
Explain slavery:
A form of social stratification in which people are owned by others as property.
What is the caste system?
A form of social stratification based on inherited (geerbt) status or ascription (Zuschreibung). It is closed so that birth alone determines one’s social destiny without the opportunity of social mobility.

What is social class?
The social stratification resulting from the unequal distribution of wealth, power and prestige.
What is meant by structural social mobility?
A shift in the social position of large numbers of people due to changes in society itself than to individual efforts.

e.g. Industrialization
How have systems of social inequality persisted (bestehen) over time?
1) ideology (people who believe in social class)
2) Habitualization (gewohnheitsmäßig)
3) Subjugation (Abhängigkeit)
4) Coercion (Zwang) & violence
What is meritocracy?
A system of social stratification based on personal merit (Verdienst).
What are the three distinct dimensions (Weber)?
1) Economic inequality (class position)
2) Status (social prestige)
3) Power
What is socioeconomic status?
A composite ranking based on various dimensions of social inequality.
What is class inequality?
It is the predominant form social inequality took with industrialization.
What does exchange mobility indicates?
Actual social openness (= ideal of a meritocratic society).
Where does "intragenerational mobility" takes place?
During the individual’s lifetime.

e.g. career moves
Where does intergenerational mobility takes place?
Between generations.

e.g. when children end up in another class than their parents