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What is macro-sociology?
The study of large-scale societies.
What is micro-sociology?
The study of everyday life in social interactions.
What does social construction of reality mean?
The process by which people creatively shape reality through social interactions.
What is Thomas theorem?
Situations we define as real become real in their consequences.
What is socialization?
A lifelong social experience by which individuals construct their personal biography, assemble daily interactional rules and come to terms with the wider patterns of their culture.
What does behaviorism say?
Specific behavior patterns are not instinctive but learned .
What is the id (Freud)?
The human being’s basic drives that are unconscious and demand immediate satisfaction (pleasure principle).
What is the ego (Freud)?
A person’s conscious efforts to balance innate, pleasure-seeking drivers with the demands of society (‘reality principle’).
What is the superego (Freud)?
The operation of culture within the individual (why we can’t have everything we want).
Whats is repression?
Culture operates to control human drives.
What is sublimation?
The transformation of fundamentally selfish drives into socially acceptable activities.
What is the central concept of mead?
The self: The human capacity to be reflexive and take the role of others.
What does social interaction involves ?
Seeing ourselves as others see us → taking the roles of others. The self = reflective = reflexive
What does generalized other mean?
The widespread cultural norms and values we use as reference in evaluating ourselves.

-Ich bin ein guter Mensch- weil ich aus Höflichkeit für eine Oma im Bus aufstehe
What is looking-glass self?
The image people have of themselves based on how they believe others perceive (warnehmen) them.

-z.B. Statussymbole -> arroganter Charakter -> sich toll fühlen
What re the 2 components the self has?
1) the self is subject; we initiate social action (I)
Is impulsive
2) the self is object; we form impressions of ourselves by taking on the role of others (Me)
is regulative
What is interaction order?
What we do in the immediate presence of others we’re all actors performing on a stage.

- e.g. GG Highschool
What is dramaturgical analysis?
The investigation (Erforschung) of social interaction in terms borrowed (übernommen) from theatrical performance.
What is ethnomethodology?
The study of the way people make sense of their everyday lives.

- breaking the rules example
What is conversational analysis?
A rigorous set of techniques to technically record and then analyze what happens in everyday speech.

- Koversationsanalyse
What is tradition-directedness?
A rigid (steif/starr) conformity (Übereinstimmung) to time-honored ways of living (Gemeinschaft).
What is other-directedness?
A receptiveness (Aufgeschlossenheit) to the latest trends and fashions, often expressed in the practice of imitating others.
What does decentred mean?
The process by which a centre, core or essence is destabilized and weakened
What are body projects?
The process of becoming and transforming a biological entity through social action.

-Self-presentation; give an impression. Functions of the dressed body
What is emotional labor?
The management of feeling to create a publicly observable facial and bodily display.