The Importance Of Sociology In My Life

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Humans in 21st century heavily rely on social media, social interaction, and social behaviors to develop connections with other humans. Yet some question why we, as humans, need these connections. Therefore, sociology provides us with better understand these connections. Sociology is a study of human interaction in a social life. The term of sociology is taken from two words “socio” and “logos," socio means society and logos mean science. Sociology not only deals with the social interaction in a social institution but also deal with the social changes in society. These social changes and sociological forces were an influence to my socialization. Some of the sociological forces were childhood cultural influence, education, and employment. Furthermore, globalization changed since my childhood and is continually changing today. With all these changes and forces, some lack the understanding of working hard for it while others no longer seek approval to follow their dreams. As a result, understanding different socialization helps me build a compass for wiser decisions in the family, education, and employment. Sociological forces that help me make decisions …show more content…
Although we might believe that we may not make a different in society, we do. It is like a ripple effect. Three things that I found relevant in my life are changes, consumer socialization, and influences. I realized that changing our ways does not change who we are because globalization factors are bound to happen. Whether we want to believe it or not, we use consumer socialization. We used the variable, “you will know when you grow up” and/or “learn from by mistakes” as an influence to teach our children to make better choices. However, if having no excuses, I would help those in need, such as medicine need or socialization. Approach life through honesty, understanding and

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