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What is gender order?
The ways in which societies shape notions of masculinity and femininity into power relationships.
What is gender regime?
The gender order as it works in smaller settings (e.g. in bars).
What is hegemonic masculinity?
The main ways of being a man in a society.
What is gender?
The social aspects of differences and hierarchies between male and female.
What is hermaphrodite?
A human being with some combination of female and male internal and external genitalia.

What is meant by gender role?
The learning and performing the socially accepted characteristics of a given sex.
What is gender stratification?
A society’s unequal distribution of wealth, power and privilege between the sexes. (inequality)
What is patriarchy?
A form of social organization in which men dominate, oppress and exploit women.
What do social learning theories suggest?
Differences in gender behavior are learnt through a mixture of rewards, reinforcements and punishments.
What do cognitive theories suggest?
Differences in gender emerge through a categorization process in which boys come to place themselves in a masculine category and proceed to organize their experiences around it.
What do psychodynamic theories suggest?
Differences in gender emerge out of emotional struggles between the infant and its caretakers in the earliest years of life.
What is feminism?
The advocacy of social equality for the sexes, in opposition to patriarchy and sexism.
What are the 3 most relevant types of feminism?
1) liberal feminism; seeks to expand the rights and opportunities of women

2) socialist feminism; seeks a basic transformation of society

3)radical feminism; seeks to eliminate the cultural notion of gender itself
What are sexual scripts?
Guidelines that help define the who, what, where, when and even why we have sex.
What is the q u e e r theory?
The most sociological theory still has bias towards heterosexuality and that non-heterosexual voices need to be heard.