Essay On Poverty And Inequality

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Global Perspectives: Individual Research 2
Poverty and Inequality- To what extent has poverty caused inequality amongst countries?
Poverty is lack of sufficient needs and resources and is causing hardships in the lifestyles of many people living in certain areas. As a result, there is a bias among the countries of opposite trends, such as developed and underdeveloped countries, which is the main cause of inequality in the world. In the contemporary era, there is inequality in the enjoyment of fundamental rights and liberty, and opportunities with regards to education, work and the fulfillment of one’s potential. Even now, there is evident proof that people across the world are dying due to hunger, AIDS, pneumonia, diarrhea, tuberculosis, malaria, and measles, all of which are the consequences of the never-ending poverty.
Global Perspective
a) Democratic Republic of Congo
It is found that poverty has been in the Republic of Congo since a long time, however, it is just worsening since the 1980s, and presently, half the population
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Speaking of inequality, a great example can be witnessed within Afghanistan itself; poverty is immensely affecting the rural areas. For instance, where only 29% of the rural population has bare access to electricity, the 90% of the urban households have it. In addition, regarding safe drinking water, only 19% of rural homes have access to it, whereas, on the other hand, 58% of the urban households have access to it. Also, poverty is greatly influenced by the rate of literacy. For example, Paktia’s poverty rate stands at 76% as it has an illiteracy rate of 73%. Poverty is more concentrated in the rural areas of Afghanistan and is severing the rural populations’ access to education, thus making lives extremely hard for them, since they are most affected while only 29% of the urban population has to face

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