Essay On Wealth And Inequality

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Is America divided by inequality, race, or wealth? Numerous people believe America is unequal in many aspects. The evidence of inequality is all around us, like…... It just shows that inequality in wealth also has to do with race to some degree. The inequality of the workforce is now based on education, but where the problem comes in is that most Americans are poor and they are not able to afford to go to school and get an education, Inequality is absolutely well-designed for our society, because it ensures that the so called best and smartest get the top jobs, and education. Since early 70’s the inequality gap between rich and poor is still growing. Besides there is no doubt race plays a part in people’s lives. Racial inequalities are considered …show more content…
Race and all of those things have inequality in their own way, but wealth is what needs to focus on rich stay rich poor stay poor. I realize you should think and consider others if America would fix this wealth problem and the distribution of it, we might could have a chance at making good and productive lives, who knows maybe even get to consider retirement .all of these things are just a few of the things I think about when it comes to the sociological imagination and the things going on around us today. The sociological imagination to me means that you have to try and understand people and their lives and what is going on around them because some of the outside world is why others are not doing well, you just have to consider that maybe they’re not lazy, but are truly not able to do

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