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What is to restore someone or something to a condition of health or state of useful and constructive activity?


What is a critical factor in maintaining your health and well-being?


What standard focuses on rehabilitation?

NFPA 1500

NFPA 1561

NFPA 1584

What is one part of the overall emergency effort?

Emergency incident rehabilitation

What does rehabilitation enable to the fire fighter?

Enables the FF to perform more safety and effectively at an emergency scene

List some conditions during a fire fighting operation that produces a stressful environment

Middle of the night call

Loud, jarring sound of the alarm jolts your sleeping body awake

Not time to eat or drink

No time to warm up your muscles

How is the amount of rest needed to recover from physical exertion to the intensity of the work performed

The amount of rest needed to recover from physical exertion IS DIRECTLY RELATED to the intensity of the work performed

What is the SAID principle?


Adaption to



Need for training that mimics the type of work to be performed.

Best way to prepare for physical work is to do activities that match that type, intensity and duration of work

What adds heat stress to the body?

Wearing PPE

PPE weighs 40 pounds and extra weight increases amount of energy needed simply to move around

What produces heat stress?

High temperatures and high relative humidity produce heat stress

How is the degree of heat stress measured?

Heat stress index combines temperature and relative humidity to measure the degree of heat stress

What is the state in which fluid losses are greater than fluid intake into the body?


How much water does FF lose through perspiration?

As much as 2 quarts of fluid in less than one hour

How much water does a FF need to drink in order to prevent dehydration?

Drink 16 ounces of water two hours before physical activity

When perspiring, how much water can a fire fighter lose?

FF can lose as much as 1 quart of fluid in 20 minutes

What plays a significant role in a FF level of endurance?


List ways FF can reduce the risks of injury and illness

Taking short breaks

Replacing fluids

Ingesting healthy food

Cooling or rewarming

When should concepts of rehabilitation need to be addressed?

Needs to be addressed at all incidents but it will not be necessary to implement all rehab center for every incident

List methods to promotes health, safety and helps get the job done in regards to large emergency structure fires

Rotating crews off the fire ground

Bringing in fresh crews

How many fire companies might the incidet commander (IC) might call to work during a high rise fire?

Three companies to rotate between attacking fire, replenishing air supplies, meets needs to rest, fluids, and nutritition

When is a fully encapsulated suit used?

Protective suit that covers the responder and breathing apparatus

Hazardous materials incidents

List other needs for rehabilitation

Training exercises

Athletic events

Stand by assignments

Whenever FF are ready for action over long periods of time

What is one of the primary goals of rehabiliation whether its hot or cold?

Returning the body's temperature back to normal

According to the United States Fire Administration (USFA), what is the heat stress index when the rehabilitation operations should initiated?

Exceeds 90 degrees F

Wind chill factor drops to 10 degrees F

What condition does the internal body temperature falls below 95 degrees F?


At most fire department incidents, how many rehabilitation centers should be established?

Only one

However large scale incidents it may become necessary to set up multiple

When is the humidity considered low?

Between 68 and 72

When is high humidity is considered high?

Warmer or colder than 68 to 72

When should rest begin?

As soon as you arrive in rehab

Center away from emergency

Remove PPE

What are two types of cooling rehab?

Active - placing something cool on the FF, misting fan, cool wet towels, dipping arms in water. Rapid reduction in body temperature

Passive - removing PPE and other clothing, moving to cooler environment. Allows cooling through effective sweating. Temperature and humidity are low

What is considered damage to tissues resulting from prolonged exposure to cold?


When does passive warming occur?

FF gets out of cold, body restores itself to equilibrium temperature

When is active warming needed?

When a FF body is unable to restore itself to normal temperature balance

Achieved by medical professionals through use of heat packs, warming blankets or warmed IV fluids

What are considered certain salts and other chemicals that are dissolved in body fluids and cells?


What drinks should be avoided during rehydration?

Colas, coffees, tea should be avoided because they acts a a diuretic that causes the body to excrete more water

What shouldn't FF drink soda or sugar rich carbonated beverages?

Too much sugar is difficult to digest and causes swings in body's energy level

What is caused when you drink too much too quickly?

Bloating, a condition in which air fills the stomach

When is thirst developed?

Only after the body is already dehydrated

The sensation of thirst is not reliable indicator of the amount of water the body has lost

What does the human body run on?

Glucose (blood sugar) is carried through the body by the bloodstream and is needed to burn fat efficiently and release energy

Glucose levels need to be balanced

What is a major source of fuel for the body?

Carbohydrates can be found in grains, vegetable and fruits

How much carbohydrates should account in a balanced diet?

55% to 65% of calories

What fuel of the body can readily use during high intense physical activities?


What does body use to grow and repair tissues?

Proteins or amino acids

What nutrients are used as a source of energy, for insulating and protecting organs and for breaking down certain vitamins?


What can be used to keep the glucose balance steady?

Low sugar

High protein sport bars

What is used to identify potentially dangerous health problems during rehab?

Medical monitoring

What should be done if FF vital signs or test results are abnormal upon entering rehab center?

FF should be reexamined before being permitted to return to fire fighting

According to NFPA 1584, when should a FF undergo rehab?

Exhausting a single 45 minute or 60 minute SCBA cylinder

After every second 30 min SCBA

After 40 minutes of intense work without SCBA

Should have at least 20 min of rest during rehab

What is the state in which fluid losses are greater than fluid intake into the body?


According to the United State Fire Adminstation, when should rehab operations be initiated?

Whenever heat stress index exceeds 90 degrees F

Where should the rehab center be located?

Away from central activity of the emergency

What does many rehab medical monitoring protocols recommend?

Vital signs

Pulse oximetry

Carbon monoxide assessment

List parts of rehab?

Active or passive heating or cooling

Member accountability

Rest and recovery

What type of rehab is considered removing PPE and other clothing and moving into a cooler environment?

Passive cooling