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Separates the water into droplets

Fog stream nozzle

Used to deliver a flat screen of water that then forms a protective sheet of water on the surface of an exposed building

Water curtain nozzle

A device used to compress a fire hose so as to stop flow

Hose clamp

Has a limited flow, in the range of 40 to 50 gpm

Booster hose

A nozzle that allows the operator to select a desired flow from several settings

Adjustable gallonage fog nozzle

A nozzle used to fight fires in cellars and other inaccessible places

Cellar nozzle

Delivers a preset flow at the rated discharge pressure

Fixed gallonage fog nozzle

Used to make a hole in automobile sheet metal, aircraft, or building walls so as to extinguish fires behind these surfaces

Piercing nozzle

Can be separated between the shut off and the tip

Breakaway type nozzle

The engine from which the attack lines have been pulled

Attack enginer

Capable of deeper penetration into burning materials, resulting in quicker fire knockdown and extinguishment

Smooth bore nozzle

A device used to split a single hose into two separate lines


Attachments to the discharge end of attack hosese


What pressure should attack hose lines be tested annually at?

300 psi

Which carry is used to transport full length attack line up a stairway?

Shoulder carry

Which nozzle separate the water into droplets?

Fog stream nozzle

What is the flow of a 1 3/4 inch hand line hose?

120 - 180 gallons per minute

How should attack lines be loaded in the hose bed?

In a manner that ensures they can be quickly stretched from the attack engine to the fire

How are attack lines constructed?

Either double jacket or rubber covered construction

When is a pre-connected flat load ready for use?

When the load is finished and the nozzle is attached

Where should pre-connected hose lines placed on a fire engine?

1. In a divided hose bed at the rear

2. A traverse bed above the pump

3. In the front bumper

What are three groups of nozzles?

1. Low volume

2. Master stream

3. Hand line nozzles

What is the flow of a booster hose?

40-50 gallons of water per minute

How many stages is an attack line usually advanced to attack an interior fire?

Two stages

What are Bresnan distributor nozzles used for?

Inaccessible places

Which nozzle allows the operator to select a desired flow from several settings?

Adjustable gallonage fog

Which nozzle is used to make a hole in automobile sheet metal?


Which nozzle is used on deck guns, portable monitors, and ladder pipes?

Master stream

How much does a 2 1/2 inch hand line hose generally flow?

250 gallons per minute

The end of the hose bed closest to the tailboard


Which nozzle is rated with a discharge of less than 350 gpm

Hand line nozzle

Which nozzle produces a straight stream that is solid column of water?

Smooth bore nozzle

Which nozzle delivers a set of number of gallons per minute as per the nozzle's design, no matter what pressure is applied to the nozzle?

Fixed gallonage fog nozzle

Which hose lines are often used for fighting wildland and ground fires?

Small diameter hose lines (SDH)

Which hose is usually carried on a hose reel that holds 150 or 200 feet of rubber hose?

Booster hose

How should hose be laid out so that it can be easily advanced into the building?

Flaked out with lengths of hose running parallel to the front of the fire building

Non collapsible hose used under positive pressure having an elastomeric or thermoplastic tube, a braided or spiraled reinforcement and an outer protective cover

Booster hose

A nozzle device that is a smooth tube, which is used to deliver a solid column of water

Smooth bore tip

A device that enables the fire fighter at the nozzle to start or stop the flow of water

Nozzle shutoff

A constricting appliance attached to the end of a fire hose or monitor to increase the water velocity and form a stream


If a hose line has to be advanced up a ladder, it should be positioned correctly before the line is _______________.

If a hose line has to be advanced up a ladder, it should be positioned correctly before the line is CHARGED.

The hoses used to discharge water from an attack engine onto the fire

Attack lines

Where should attack lines be connected to a standpipe outlet?

One floor below the fire

How should a fire fighter prepare to advance the hose to the fire building?

Form an upright loop about 4 feet in diameter outside the door to the fire building

What is a type of nozzle that are used to deliver a flat screen of water that then forms a protective sheet (curtain) of water on the surface of an exposed building?

Water curtain nozzle

Hose with a diameter of 2 1/2 or 3 inches

Medium diameter hose

Nozzle that can deliver a wide range of water stream flows and that operates by means of an internal spring loaded piston

Automatic adjusting fog nozzle

What is the method that applies the stream onto a nearby object, such as a wall, instead of directly aiming at the fire?

Bank shot (or bank down) method

Large capacity nozzle that can be supplied by two or more 2 1/2 inch hose lines or large diameter hose or fixed piping. Devices include deck guns and portable ground monitors

Master stream device

Hose loading method in which the hose is folded back onto itself to reduce the overall length to one-third before loading the hose in the bed

Triple layer load

A nozzle with a tip that can be separated from the shut off valve

Breakaway type nozzle