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Father of Humanism


Lorenzo Valla

disproved the Donation of Constantine

Marsilio Ficino

Italian Humanist who translated Plato's work and opened a school that taught greco-roman classics

Pico della Mirandola

wrote the "Oration on the Dignity of Man"

Leonardo Bruni

Italian Humanist and Historian who classified history into periods

Leon Battista Alberti

Italian Humanist, artist, architect

Niccolo Machiavelli

wrote the "The Prince" -promoted secularism

Jean Bodin

french philosopher who influenced politics


rebirth of greco-roman culture

What era was before the renaissance?

the middle ages


painted the school of athens (inside the vatican)

focused on humanism and classicism


celebration of past individuals

who was the biggest patron of the arts?

the church

Italy was separated into ______.


Why did the Renaissance start in Italy?

there was a lot of access to water which was used for trade

Florence was a wealthy city

middle man for trade

surrounded by greco-roman culture and architecture

ancient people brought texts and documents when moving from Constantinople

Giovanni Boccacio

Wrote the Decameron (10 stories 10 men= 100 stories)

Baldesar Castiglione

wrote the Courtier

Francesco Guiccardini

one of the major political writers of the Renaissance

The History of Italy

what invention became important during the Renaissance?

The printing press- it allowed information to be spread and translated into the vernacular


Built the II Duomo in Florence

Cuppolo of Santa Maria del Fiore

Leonardo Da Vinci

the Last Supper

Mona Lisa

renaissance man

Andrea Palladio

italian architect who was influenced by Greco-Roman architecture. La Rotunda

What became the enlightened capital of Europe?


What was Thomas Hobbes' opinion of the relationship between the government and its people?

The government and its people should have a social contract.

The people give away their freedom in exchange for protection and government rule.

Who wrote the Leviathan?

Thomas Hobbes

Who believed in the idea of the Tabula Rasa (blank slate)?

John Locke

What enlightened thinker advocated for a constitutional monarchy?

John Locke

Jan Van Eyck

Northern Renaissance Painter

Who first made the idea of the Heliocentric Theory?


Who confirmed the Heliocentric Theory?

Johannes Kepler

Who is associated with Inductive Reasoning?

Francis Bacon

Who is associated with Deductive Reasoning?

Rene Descartes

What is Mercantilism?

High taxes and tariffs on colonial profits

What is the Treaty of Utrecht?

Resolved a number of trading issues which ended the war of spanish succession

Who wrote the Spirit of the Laws?

Baron de Montesquieu

Who is El Greco?

Mannerist and Baroque artsit

Who was the first female artist to be recognized in the post-renaissance period?

Artemisia Gentileschi

Who painted the Massacre of the Innocents?

Pieter Brughel the Elder

Who is Gian Bernini?

A baroque artist

Painted Theresa

Who wrote On the Motion of the Heart and Blood?

William Harvey (WIlliam Heartvy lolol)

Who wrote On the Fabric of the Human Body?

Andreas Vasaelius (anatomy)

Who was Peter Paul Rubens?

One of the first studio artists (Baroque)

What did Galileo invent?

The telescope

Who worked on the elliptical theory?

Johannes Kepler

Who is Johann Tetzel?

A Dominican friar who went to Saxony to sell indulgences

Who wrote the 95 Theses?

Martin Luther

Who was Paracelsus?

Physcian; The Father of Toxicology

Who was Charles V?

Holy Roman Emperor; Devout Catholic

Diet of Worms

Formal assembly that was called by Charles V in which Martin Luther was asked to recant his claims of the Catholic Church

Who believed in Sola Scriptura?

Martin Luther

What was the Edict of Worms?

A document issued by Charles V which outlawed Martin Luther and declared him as a Heretic

Who was Ulrich Zwingli?

Swiss priest who influenced later forms of Protestantism?

Who was John Calvin?

The founder of Calvinism

What were the French Calvinists called?


What were English Calvinists called?