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Bull baiting and cock fighting sports that remain popular with the masses


Time of revealing an excess and Catholic and Mediterranean Europe

Community controls

A pattern of cooperation and common action which was mobilized by perceived threats to the economic social and moral stability of the closely knit community

Illegitimate explosion

The result of a breakdown of late marriages in few births out-of-wedlock that begin occurring in the second half of the eighteenth century


The willful destruction of newborn children


The Society of Jesus they were extraordinary teachers missionaries and agents of the Pope

Just price

the beilive that price should be fair protecting both the consumer and producer and imposed by the government decree if necessary

Killing nurses

Name given the nurse with whom or children ever survived


The name given to a protectant religious group started by John Wesley so named because of their methodical devotion


The name for protest revival that begin in Germany is stress enthusiasm the priesthood of all believers in the practical power of Christian rebirth and everyday affairs


The practice of living strong laxative to the rich as a method of maintaining good health in treating illnesses

Smallpox inoculation

The practice of vaccinating peoples so that they do not come down with a small power

Wet nursing

A widespread and flourishes business in the 18th century where women would suckle the children of middle to upper class women's children for money