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How long is marriage meant to be?

For life

Why shouldn’t marriage be broke?

Because it is a promise made in front of God

How does the Catholic Church deal with marriages that are breaking?

Help them through counselling

Why does the catholic church permit re-marriage or intercourse with someone else?

Because this is adultery

What can the church do in exceptional cases?

Annul the marriage

What does this annulment declare?

That the marriage is untrue and was an accident e.g. one person was not willing

Where is it said that if a man divorces his wife to marry another wife it is adultery?

Mark 10:10-11

Catholic Church does not allow re-marriage however some other Christian groups allow it, such as the Quaker’s. Why is this?

Because the bible teaches the importance of forgiveness if someone has made a mistake

If this second marriage is permitted where is it likely held?

Not in a church