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How do Muslims believe Islam was reviled to them?

Through various prophets (first starting with Adam and ending with Muhammad)

What does the word ‘Islam’ also mean in Arabic?

‘Surrender’ ‘obedience’ ‘submission’ and also ‘peace’

What does Tawhid mean?

The belief that there is one God ‘the one and only God’ (Surah 112). This makes Islam a monotheistic religion

Where is it stated that ‘There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet’?

In the Shahadah (which is repeated daily)

What do Muslims think about Allahs uniqueness?

Allah is unique. There is nothing like Allah. No one can picture or describe God because there is nothing to compare God to. This is one reason why there are no images of him in mosques

What do Muslims believe about God’s will?

No matter whether it is good or bad, Muslims believe God willed it

What do Muslims think about Gods will?

That they should trust in God’s good intentions as he has a plan for everything and should not be questioned

What do Muslims say that translates to ‘God willing’?


What belief does ‘inshallah’ therefore portray?

That they are not in control of what happens and only Allah is

Is believing in one god?

No. They must show this by the way they live their lives

How might they do this?

By worshipping Allah. Muhammad is respected as a prophet but not worshiped

What is the name of the sin that is worshipping an idol?


What other meaning does ‘Muslim’ have?

‘One who has submitted to god’