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What is the job of a prophet?

To be God’s messengers in spreading Islam and the words of the Qur’an as well as helping humankind understand his message

Prophets are good role models. Why is this?

Because they were good people who lived according to God’s will

Who was Adam and what is his significance?

He was the first man on Earth and the first prophet of Islam

God told the angels to bow down to Adam out of respect and admiration for his knowledge. However a jinn refused this. Who was this jinn?

Shaitan or Satan

As a result of this refusal he was thrown out of paradise. What was his resulting vow?

To tempt humans to sin against God

What are jinn made from?

Made from fire

As a result of this vow, how and who did Shaitan temp?

He tempted Adam and Eve to eat the apple and sin

What did their defiance bring onto the world?

Sin into the world. Resulting in judgment day eventually