Islam: Annotated Bibliography

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Annotated Bibliography
Geldart, A. (1999). Islam. Oxford: Heinemann.
This book provided an in-depth understanding of Islam. The book describes: Islam’s origins, diverse traditions, Holy Scriptures, beliefs and institutions. The book also describes the social injustices surrounding Islam and how the faith addresses them. This source was valuable as it allowed for an initial understanding on the faith, and aided the creation of research questions, such as, ‘Who was the founder of the Islamic Faith?’, ‘What caused the founder, Muhammad to preach?’ and ‘What did ideals did Muhammad found concerning war?’. The translations of the Islamic bible, Factfile and Points of View segments were pivotal in establishing the fundamentals of Islam. In terms
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The source included excerpts from both the Old Testament (Torah) and the New Testament. The quotes were mainly sourced from the New Testament specifically the Gospels as these books gave detailed summaries of Jesus’ life. The chosen quotes presented Jesus’ divergent views on sin and traditional law. Also explaining how he revolutionized the ‘traditional society’ and abolished religious autocracy. This resource prompted the formation of these research questions: ‘What caused the founder, Jesus to preach?’, ‘What ideals did Jesus found concerning war?’ and ‘What was Jesus’s vision when founding Christianity?’ This source is has a high validity as it solely comprises of primary sources, presenting no secondary biased testaments. Correspondingly, the author Matt Slick, has attained his master’s degree in Christian Theology verifying the information was sourced from a respected volume of the Christian …show more content…
What principles did Muhammad wish to establish within the community?
8. What principles did Jesus wish to establish within the community?
9. What significant events occurred in Jesus’s life?
10. What significant events occurred in Muhammad’s life?
11. What ideals did Muhammad found concerning war?
12. What ideals did Jesus found concerning war?
13. Does Christianity have a history of war?
14. Does Jesus have a history of war?
15. How do modern Islamic authorities address war?
16. How modern Christian authorities do address war?
1. What type of sources will be used for my research?
2. How will my research be displayed?
3. Should all research materials used be from a reputable source?
4. Should both primary and secondary sources be included in my assignment?
5. What effective research models can be utilised to ensure all research is structured properly?
6. Should all ‘traditional’ words be written in the native language or translated?
1. Was all information acquired from a reputable source?
2. Should invalid information be included in my research?
3. Can I reshape my hypothesis?
4. Has evidence be gathered from a wide range of sources?
5. Have I independently acquired sources which not entirely relied on my

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