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What did the crucifixion teach about forgiveness?

Jesus forgave the gussets who crucified him as they didn’t realise the significance of what was going on

What is the incarnation?

God coming to earth in human form

What did the crucifixion do for humanity?

It took the sins of human beings upon jesus, making it possible again for humanity to once again enjoy a proper relationship with God

What does the resurrection and ascension mean for Christians?

Indicates that death has been conquered and that after death eternal life in heaven is a possibility of all of us

What is the second coming?

The belief that at the end of time Jesus will return again to defeat the forces of evil

What is a way in which the suffering endured during the crucifixion impacts Christians today?

Suffering is a part of life, just as it was apart of jesus’ life

How does the acceptance of jesus’ sacrifice impact Christians today?

That sin can no longer destroy their lives because God forgives those who faithfully ask for forgiveness

Is there a point in following the Christian faith of you don’t believe in the resurrection? Explain why

Because if he did not die to save our sins and open up the possibility of a redeemed humanity enjoying eternal life in heaven, then there does not seem to be much point in following the Christian faith