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What does omnipotent mean?

All powerful

What does this mean god can do?

Anything even logically impossible things like making a square-circle

What does it say in the bible about god doing logically impossible things?

Mary doubted that she could carry Jesus as a virgin but the angel Gabriel told her ‘Nothing is impossible with God’ and then she had Jesus

What does omniscient mean?

That God is all knowing

What does this mean about our thought and the future?

That god knows what we think and what the future holds for us

What does omnipresent mean?

Present everywhere

What does omnibenevolent mean?

All loving

What was god’s greatest act of love?

Sending his son Jesus down to earth to save us from our sins

How does heaven show that god is all loving?

Because he has provided believers a place after death for eternal joy

Why can you pray and have a relationship with god?

Because he is ‘personal’

What two words describe God as going in forever in space and time?

Infinite and eternal

What does god do at the end of our lives?

Judge us accordingly

How is god believed to be totally just and the perfect judge of human character?

Because he is all loving and all knowing. Not to mention he has ultimate power and authority

God will never support injustice or evil. What does this mean for christian beliefs?

That they too should oppose these forces whatever they encounter

What does monotheism mean?

Belief in one god

In the trinity what is meant by god being ‘the father’

The sense of him being the creator of the universe and someone who looks after us like a loving father

What is meant by god being ‘the son’

In the form of jesus

What is meant by god being the ‘Holy Spirit’?

The idea of God being in all of us, acting like an inner guide or counsellor and helping us along in life

How is God like a father to us?

Because he created us in his vision and loves us as we are his children. He is also merciful fair, and caring about everything and everyone

What are the two types of evil?

Natural and moral evil

What is natural evil?

Earthquakes, eruptions, floods, ext

What is moral evil?

Evil committed by humans such as murder or rape

What is a theodicy?

A possible solution to the problems with evil and suffering

what is the free will defence (moral evil)

That god made us have free will so he is not responsible for our bad things but we are.

What is the free will defence (natural evil)

That a world needs natural evil as a part of the scenery because a world with no natural evil or one in which fire doesn’t burn anyone isn’t logically possible

What other theodicy is there regarding the devil

That he is responsible for moral and natural evil

What is the problem with this ‘devil theodicy’

Why would God let him get away with it for so long

What theodicy regarding Adam and Eve and the original sin is there?

That we all have the tendency to sin as it has passed down to us like a genetic disease through this original sin

What is the problem with this ‘original sin’ theodicy?

That it does not explain natural evil

What theodicy linking to god knowing the future is there?

That God has made suffering to link to good things later. Like a butterfly effect. And that we can’t appreciate this without having something bad to compare it with

What is the problem with these theories?

That god could have made evil and suffering a little less common