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What commonly use phrase do Muslims say that translates to ‘God is the greatest’?

‘Allahu Akbar’

To Muslims, to what extent is God’s greatness to human uderstanding?

Greater than anything humans can imagine and beyond human understanding

How do Muslims then get an understanding of God’s nature?

Through the 99 names given to him in the Qur’an and Hadith (Muhammad’s sayings)

What does immanent mean?

That god is within all things and close to his people

What does transcendent mean?

Beyond all things

How can God posses both these characteristics at once? (Being transcended and immanent)

Because he is omnipotent and the creator of the universe, therefore lives outsides it’s limitations

What are angels?

Messengers of God, front the unseen world, supernatural beings made from light

What is the main job of an angel?

To pass the message of God directly to prophets, for instance the angel Jibrael and Muhammad on the Night of Power

What two adjectives would you use to best describe the characteristic of an angel?

Pure and sinless

Why can’t angels do anything to displease God?

Because unlike jinn (such as Satan or Shaitan in Arabic) they have no free will

What other uses to angels have?

Some angels are guardians who take care of each person through their lives (Qur’an 13:11)

Give another job for angels

To record the lives of everyone (your actions and thoughts) in The Book of Deeds. This will be presented in Judgment Day

Considering angels can record your thoughts, what does this mean about being a Muslim and taqwa?

That anyone can do good actions but it is important to believe (taqwa)

What is believed about the angel Israfil and Judgment Day?

That he will blow his trumpet to announce it

Who will take peoples souls?

The angel of death. These souls are delivered to God (Qur’an 32:11)

What is the last Job for angels? (To do with heaven)

That they escort people into paradise and guard the gates of hell

What mountain did Jibril visit Muhammad during prayer?

Mount Hira

What did Jibirl tell Muhammad?

He inspired him with the revelations of the Qur’an by telling him to read it, even though he could not read and told him what Allah wanted him to do

What do Sunni Muslims believe about predestination?

That God has already determined what will happen in the universe

Where has God written everything that will happen?

In the ‘book of decrees’

What do Shi’a Muslims believe about predestination?

That God knows and has determined everything that will happen but not in mannerisms in which you do them e.g. you getting in the car but no in which the way you drive it

How does God judge people on judgment day?

According to their actions in this world as he gave humans free will

On judgment day what is said to happen to our world?

That it will be destroyed and turned into a new one