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When Muhammad died what did Sunni Muslims think about the Qu’ran and the Sunnah?

Only those texts had the authority to guide the beliefs and behaviour of Muslims

So who did they elect as caliph?

Abu Bakr

What is the role of a caliph?

To act on the behalf of God and Muhammad to make sure people follow God’s laws (they do not make the laws but enforced them)

What does the word ‘Sunni’ mean?

Followers of the Sunnah

What do Shi’a Muslims believe happened after Muhammad died?

Shi’a Muslims believed that Muhammad had named his cousin Ali as his successor

What is an Imam?

An Imam is the true leader of the Muslim community in Shi’a Islam

What do Shi’a Muslims believe ali thought was needed to be an Imam

That they have to be a descendent of Muhammad and chosen by God

What does an Imam do before dying?

Identifies the next one

What happened to Ali’s claims to be leader

They were ignored by the majority of the Muslim community

What are the Six Articles of Sunni Islam?

J - judgment (for Sunni Muslim this is when the whole of humanity will be judged and sent to heaven or hell, the world is then destroyed and made into a new one)

A - angels (communicate the message of Allah to humans)

P - predestination (Allah wills everything)

B - books (holy books - guidance through revelation that Allah has sent to humanity)

O - oneness of Allah (tawhid - there is only one God)

P - prophets (messengers of God’s teachings

What are the five doors of ‘Usul ad-Din’ in Shi’a Islam?

P - prophethood (accepting that Muhammad is the last prophet and they where messengers of God’s words)

O - oneness of Allah (tawhid - there is only one god)

R - resurrection (in shia Islam this means that after death we will redirect to be judged by God)

I - imams (belief in the divinely guided imams)

J - justice of Allah (Allah is is just and wise, cannot do wrong, and hold humans accountable for their actions)