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The UK’s growing population is becoming a problem as there are too many people in comparison to the natural resources. What % of the UK’s food is produced here


If trends continue, what will the UK’s population hit by 2030

70.5 million

How much, proportionally of that increase will be of migrated peoples

Just over half

Give 6 pressures on the UK’s ecosystem

• potential rise in CO2 emissions

• destruction of natural habitats

• building greenfield sites

• pressure on water systems

• food demands intensifying agricultural practices

• new houses potentially increasing flooding

Give 5 examples of sustainable methods the UK is using for transport

• increasing public transport options

• new London taxis must be capable of 0 emissions by 2018

• promoting the use of hybrid and electric cars

• implementing congestion charges and park-and-rise schemes

• educating people to car share when commuting to work

What is a ‘two-speed economy’

This refers to the uneven growth of the UK economy, with the south east developing far fast

What is a way to bridge the two-speed economy gap in the UK

Developing transportation links to encourage businesses development

What is a greenfield sire

undeveloped land in a city or rural area either used for agriculture or landscape design

Give two positives and two negatives of greenfield sites in the UK

👍🏻 the land tends to be cheaper for building

👍🏻 more land development opportunities

👎🏻 potential loss of agricultural land

👎🏻 potential disruption to wildlife habitats and damage to ecosystems

What is w brownfield site

an area of land or premises that has been previously used, but has subsequently become vacant, derelict or contaminated

Give two pros and three cons to brownfield sites

👍🏻 services (like gas and water) are already installed

👍🏻 improvements to unused areas that are spoiling the landscape

👎🏻 potential restrictions to development

👎🏻 land tends to be more expensive

👎🏻 toxic substances may have to be removed

What catagpries are the UK’s National Parks divides into

Habitats, biodiversity, climate change, and historical environments

Name 6 ways of conservation and development

• converting old farm buildings

• river restoration works - river fences to help prevent erosion

• promoting the use of electric bikes to reduce number of cars

• using renewable energy resources

• working with organisations, such as English Heritage

• regular monitoring of historic sites by staff to check conditions

What is the Environment Agency is responsible for

the management of the UK’s rivers and coasts

What approaches are used in river and coastal areas to manage flood risk. Give 5

• monitoring and early warning systems

• soft and hard engineering techniques

• educating local residents

• new regulations for building on floodplains/coastlines

• river catchment management

How much can future climate change see the UKs clime rising by

Between 2 and 4 degrees. Causing warmer summers and winters

What do scientists also believe about precipitation levels

That they will increase and the Uk will experience more extreme weather

What is the UK’s local scale response to climate change

Individuals can reduce their carbon footprint by using transport, car sharing, recycling, installing renewable energy resources

What is the UK’s national scale response to climate change

The government can promote the use of more sustainable practices, raising awareness of adopting them to help tackle climate change. They could also continue to invest in renewable energy