Is Consumer Culture Good Or Bad

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Thesis statement:

However, despite the aforementioned avails, consumerism has quite a number of catastrophic effects to humanity. It must be analyzed that the causes and effects of consumerism to the environment. In addition, it looks to reclaim how governments and other responsible bodies are doing to protect the environment.

Topic sentence 1
The term consumerism has no distinct definition. According to Orel (2011), consumerism is a movement that advocates and defends the rights of buyers to avert undue exploitation
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According to Orel (2011), consumerism is a movement that advocates and defends the rights of buyers to avert undue exploitation by sellers. The scholar further advocates that consumer powers need to be protected to ensure that the marketing antics of sellers and other marketers do not expose buyers to excessive consumption. Buyers are often influenced by advertisements to increase their intake levels. To meet the ever rising demand of commodities, sellers and other producers will fully exploit the available resources in the economy. This move exposures acute problems to the environment. Urban and regional planners assert that a high consuming economy requires land of up to six hectares to meet the consumption and intake levels of a person. However, that is not feasible given the ever growing population. This therefore implies that an extra inlets or an increase in consumption comes with an additional cost. Harsh human culture is largely attributed to the increased levels of human consumption. As nations seek to outdo themselves economically by encouraging consumption, environment is largely sacrificed. For example, most compatriots are owning oil or gas powered machines. These machines spread greenhouse cases i.e. carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. These greenhouse gases often cause irreversible damage to the climate (Baiocchi, Minx, & Hubacek, …show more content…
To demonstrate, greenhouse emission otherwise conversant as lifestyle emissions are released directly to the environment from aboriginal heating or using or indirectly through the procuration chain where goods and duties consumed are produced (Baiocchi, Minx, & Hubacek, 2010). Climate change has reached tipping point and is now a global issue. However, individual states have taken onto themselves to see that they contain its teething effects. For example, the United Kingdom (UK) government has incorporated the environment issues in its policy agenda. According to politics makers, technology employed in production together with consumer lifestyles need to be readjusted to ensure greenhouse gases i.e. carbon dioxide are kept at low levels. In respect of Baiocchi, Minx and Hubacek (2010), consumerism is responsible for up to 75 percent of consumer greenhouse gas emissions in the United Kingdom. It is therefore blatant that consumer choices are catastrophic to the environment. However, this is a boon in dissemble to the policy makers. This is because the contaminants of the environment have been narrowed down and it is evident that consumerism is a huge participator. Therefore, the policy makers in the United Kingdom need to advance sound ways that will bring down the high figures to low

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