Essay about Violent Video Games and Increased Aggression

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Video games have been a rapidly expanding industry since their inception in the 1970s. Along with their growth have come concerns about violent video games and their effects on aggression and violence in young people. The endless numbers of school shootings have pushed this issue to the forefront. These events brought about the question: do violent video games induce aggression in youth? That’s the question I set out to answer by looking at research. The research shows that there is a link between playing video games and increases in aggression in adolescents. What implications does this fact have ethically? It means that video game producers and distributors need to be held responsible for their releases and the way they end up …show more content…
We have to look to research to see if a link between the two exists.
Unlike television and motion pictures, violent video games are a relatively new invention and studies on their impact are not as numerous. There has been a lot of such research on the effects of movies and television. Over five decades, research has shown that “even brief exposure to violent TV or movie scenes causes significant increases in aggression, that repeated exposure of children to media violence increases their aggressiveness as young adults, and that media violence is a significant risk factor in youth violence” (Anderson 354). These types of media do increase aggression and violence, but how do violent video games compare to these forms of media? This is the relationship that researchers Craig A. Anderson and Brad J. Bushman studied. After 33 independent tests that involved 3,003 participants, these researchers have found that “video-game violence was definitely associated with heightened aggression” The effect is so high, that it is in fact “as strong as the effect of condom use on risk of HIV infection” (Anderson 357). The research shows that exposure to violent video games poses a threat to young people. Exposure to these games is “positively associated with heightened levels of aggression” and “negatively associated with prosocial behavior” (Anderson 358). The

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