Thorpe Park's Customer Service Essay

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Thorpe Park's Customer Service

Effectual customer service is or should be a fundamental aspect of any organisation that has an objective of success. It is through this process that an organisation can fully understand its customers and ensuring that it is responding correctly to customer needs and demands which are vital if the organisation is to gain competitive advantage.

In 1991, freematle quotes:

“Customer service is the final test. You can get everything else right in terms of product, price and marketing but unless you complete the process with incredibly good customer service, you run the risk of loosing business or even going out of business”.

Therefore customer service is defined as the course of action whereby
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Europe’s first 4D Cinema experience, Pirates 4D was opened in 1999 and in 2000, Europe’s highest water ride, Tidal Wave was added to the excitement of Thorpe Park.

The Tussaud's Group Vision and Mission

Vision: “Entertaining People”.

Mission: To deliver real growth in profits to take Europe’s leading entertainment worldwide”.

· The aims and objective of Thorpe Park are to

· Make more sales than the previous year (Increase sales)

· Satisfy existing customer by providing quality service

· Build on customer loyalty

· Increase market share by gaining more customers

· Enhance the image of Thorpe park

Make more sales than the previous year (Increase sales)

Excellent customer service encourages repeat sales and new customers, which means more sales for the business. As long as the costs involved in maintaining such a high standard of service are not greater, in the long run, than the revenue from sales, then the firm should benefit from increased profits.

Satisfy existing customer by providing quality service

High levels of customer satisfaction will not guarantee future sales, but are more likely to result in repeat future sales than indifferent or poor customer service. Moreover, satisfied customers are more likely to try out other products/services in the firm’s range, or recommend it to friends and family.

Build on customer loyalty

Customer loyalty is

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