The World of Luxury: Louis Vuitton Essay

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There are many luxurious brands excelling but the most successful one that surprises their customers and also the most affordable-depending on your class- is Louis Vuitton-. The world of luxury is not just exclusive but also secretive too. Most of the luxurious brands are private, like Channel and Rolex and therefore do not need to show the public their results but the public luxurious brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton let the public know about their results. Louis Vuitton one of the oldest fashion brand in business for one hundred and fifty five years (155) and has four hundred and twenty six stores including four in New Zealand. Everyone knows Louis Vuitton as a brand but hardly do people know the founder of Louis Vuitton. I am …show more content…
Vuitton was taken in by Monsieur Marechal who is a fruitful box maker and the nineteenth century of Europe, box making and packing was extremely respectable. A box maker individually made the goods to fix the boxes and unpacked them. It took Vuitton a few years to build up a status amongst Paris's fashionable class as one of the city's leading experts of his new skill.
On December 2, 1851, 16 years after Vuitton arrived in Paris, Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte acted a revolution. Accurately one year later, he accepted the title of Emperor of the French under the regal name Napoleon III. In the year 1854 was a year full of change and renovation for Vuitton. It was in this year that he met a beautiful seventeen year old lady named Clemence-Emilie Parriaux. His great-grandson, Henry-Louis Vuitton, later described, "In the blink of an eye he swapped the cloth frock and hobnailed shoes of a worker for the courting outfit of the day. The renovation was remarkable, but it required all the know-how of the store's department manager, since Vuitton’s bears were much larger than those of Parisian bureaucrats." He got married to Clemence-Emilie in the spring of this year.
On April 22, 1854, A few months after his marriage, Vuitton left Monsieur Marechal's shop and opened his own box making and packing workshop in Paris. The sign

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