Journey To My Past: Responses to Silent Dancing Story Essay

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Journey To My Past: Responses to Silent Dancing Story

1 Journal of Reading Silent Dancing

Many people say, "Do not judge a book by its cover," but the cover of this book drew me into a journey of reading. The line of the letters Silent Dancing is on top; just below that is a picture of a beautiful four-year old girl. Perhaps she lives with a wealthy family; the girl looks so cute and pretty in her dress. Like many other young girls who usually love toys, she is holding a rattlebox; however, she does not pay attention to the toy in her hands. The young girl appears sad because of wide opened eyes that seem interested of what is in front of her. The quiet lips that have no smile make her look shy and older than her time. Why does
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Then day by day, after the birth of her seventh child, my mother became tired of taking care of her big family; she was busy all day with household duties. However, she could not stop having more babies. The pregnancy became a burden; the marvelous feeling of the first time and second time when a child was born disappeared. As my mother got pregnant with her ninth baby, she became quiet and sometimes got angry at my father for no reason although he loved his wife and children so much. The problem for my parents at that time was that in my country people did not know how to control birth so that my Mom decided to sleep alone after she gave the tenth birth. For me that was a sad story. When I became married, my Mom's advice was "To be a mother of three or four children, that is enough." Now I am really surprised to read "More Room" and find a woman's situation the same as my Mom's story.

3 My memory in Connecticut

"You Cuban?" The man had asked my father, pointing a finger at his name tag on the Navy uniform.... "No" my father had answered looking past finger into his adversary's angry eyes "I'm Puerto Rican." "Same shit." And the door closed. (Silent Dancing P.89).

This painful experience happened to an immigrant Puerto Rican man in the 1950's. Today that prejudice is less and less; however, adapting to a new life in the USA there are many lessons that any immigrant must encounter at least once. As for me, a difficult experience that I had in Connecticut

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