First Year Of College Research Paper

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My first year of college was a complete roller coaster. I had bad and good moments. I came to a whole different environment, so unlike from my high school. I learned how to be independent and I learned how to be an adult. My first year of college was a bit hard to adjust. This came with a huge test for myself! I was so used of being provided the materials I needed in high school. I had to be independent and get the material on my own! Another challenge that came with this step was books. In high school, I did not have to use books in class. Once I started college, I was immediately assigned to buy or rent certain books for each one of my classes. Now that I am going to my second year of college, I know that it is important to leave some of the school money aside for the materials that I will need to buy for each one of my classes.

The classes are so diverse and big. It was weird for me at first because I had small classes full of Latinos
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I remember my first day, I came to a class with no familiar faces and that was my English class. Each class that I had, I knew at least one person. But in English, I felt like a lost bird. In the beginning, I was scared to meet people. This was a disadvantage and a test! I thought of myself as a very awkward person that kept everything to herself. But this class made me feel welcomed! Not one of us knew each other so we all started from scratch. The good thing about this class was that we had the same specific class and teacher for both semesters of our first year of college, which was awesome! I ended English 104 with a B. My second class was a Health Education class and it was bit difficult because it was involved with Business. I have no interest in Business so it was hard to actually keep up. I had big doubts of me passing this course because it was a whole

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