Essay For A Scholarship At Our Lady Of The Lake University

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I am writing to appeal my Faculty Scholarship at Our Lady of The Lake University.
In my first semester of 2014-2015 academic school year I obtained a GPA of 1.76. Regardless of the difficulties I had transitioning from high school to college, I admit, my GPA being that low is my entire fault. In the fall I simply did not know what it took to be a successful college student. I was still a naïve high school student who thought getting through college would be just as easy as high school. With that being said I had a little more trouble trying to be a successful student since I’m also an athlete. I admit my fall semester was terrible and not acceptable.
After finding out my GPA was a 1.76 for the fall I had thought my time at Our Lady of The Lake was done. I didn’t think my coach would bring me back for the spring but over winter break we spoke and he allowed me to receive a waiver that would make me eligible to compete in the spring. He had said the waiver was a one-time thing. Going into the spring semester I knew I had to give my best in every class so I would be able to come back the next year. Although, I knew what I had to do in the spring semester, I still had a terrible start to the spring semester. My time management was horrible and because of that I was missing a lot of class the first 3 weeks of the spring semester. Sure enough my coach found out and cut me from the team. When I
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I became if not the most active student than one of the most active students in all my classes. I was attending tutoring and extra credit events all semester. I was studying when I had to and was finally putting school before everything else. At the end of the spring semester all my F’s weren’t F’s anymore. I finished with A, B, D, D and obtained 2.25 GPA for the spring which barely pushed me over the 2.0 mark that I needed to meet for athletics and to be taken off academic

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