Factors Affecting Customer Loyalty Programs Essay

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In 2012, Boonying Kongarchapatara & Randall Shannon in their paper, ‘Investigating the Effectiveness of a Loyalty Program Through the Relationships of Program Design, Implementation, and Customer Loyalty’ emphasize on the factors which affect the customer loyalty programmes through their design and implementation phases.

The study focusses that a well-designed structure of the loyalty program helps in gaining a strong hold on customer loyalty and makes a positive impact on the minds of the customers. Following the structure and an efficient implementation of the loyalty program will have a greater impact on the perceived value and customer loyalty.

In 2011, Swati Singh and Manju Lamba in their paper ‘Maintaining CRM in Apparel
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The main aim of the paper is to show up the importance of customer relationship management for retail trade. The significance of CRM is to lead to satisfied and loyal clients. From one side it is oriented to synchronize relations between the customers and the retail company; from the other side it is dedicated to optimize sources of information for better comprehension of consumer behavior. The CRM also outlines the main directions for the development of client oriented products, high level consumer service and long term partnership with the company audiences.
Meera Mathur and Sumbul Samma’s study on ‘A Study on Customer Relationship Management Practices in Selected Organized Retail Stores in Udaipur City’ highlighted on Retailing which is the largest private industry in the world. It is one of India's largest industry accounting for over 10% of the country's GDP and around 8% of the employment. CRM is an emerging tool that enables marketers to maintain their presence and brand value while also attracting new customer and retaining the old ones in the dynamic marketing environment. In a city like Udaipur, these organized retail stores and firms are concentrating and targeting consumers from different segments of the society ranging from rural to urban and all income segments from low to high. The main aim of the research paper is

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