Essay on Customer Service

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Customer Service

Many business organisations have different definitions of customer service. For example, according to the Chartered Institute of
Marketing, “Customer Service is what your business delivers to achieve customer satisfaction”. Another example is, according to the ACA
Group, “Customer service is the ability of an organisation to constantly and consistently give the customer what they want and need”. All business organisations need to make certain that their customers are satisfied with the service they receive because; customers are the most important part of any successful organisations. Businesses such as, Barclays aim to exceed customer expectation in order to ensure that customers enjoy themselves, leave having enjoyed
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For example, advice on legal, safety, financial or medical issues must be precise.

Customers ask staff for advice, to ensure they enjoy activities in safety and to the top. For example, a customer may ask:

Ø the bank manager advice on loans

Ø the waiter what’s good on a menu

Ø the customer service advice on consumer protection

All business organisations need to make certain their staff:

Ø know enough about the area they work in to give good advice

Ø are trained how to give it clearly and politely

Ø know that if they can’t offer any advice, they should ask someone with more experience

Providing Assistance

Most customers often rely on an organisation’s staff for practical help. For example:

Ø a staff member carries shopping bags for a elderly woman to her car

Ø giving directions to a boy to the nearest toilet

Ø explaining to someone how to use the first aid kit

Ø a staff member helps a wheelchair person to get a loaves of bread from a top shelve

Ø a staff member helps a partially blind man to the nearest checkout

All business organisations need to:

Ø identify the different types of help their customers might need

Ø make sure staff are trained, equipped and available to provide it

Providing credit facilities

Individuals often require credit to purchase expensive items, such as a car. Without this facility, customers may not able to buy the item and the organisation will not make a sale.

Credit and private individuals

Private individuals can pay

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