Childhood Aspirations Essay

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The very first documented beauty pageant dates clear back to Paris of Troy. He had to choose between three beauties for a wife. He chose Helen, the daughter of Zeus and Leda. If there would have been titles back then like there are today then Helen would have been named Miss World. America didn’t start holding beauty pageants until the early 1920’s. They were originally a gimmick to keep tourists in town after the summer months. This was the birth of Miss America. The contest was held each year in Atlantic City and each year the number of contestants grew. The Miss America pageant was discontinued during the great depression, as the economy took a dive for the worst. The pageant came back in 1932, but there was not much interest in it. …show more content…
These little girls are put into a competition against girls their own age. The judges basically judge them on looks, capability, poise, perfection, and confidence (Nussbaum), basically the whole package. Is it really fair to have little girls who are only 6 years old looking like they are in their 20’s?is it fair that these girls can’t go outside and play activities and games that other kids their age play, like tag, hide and seek, and hopscotch. Some of the girls are not even allowed to go to school since their parents don’t want outside influence to counter all of the effort that they themselves have invested in their girls so they end up being homeschooled. Some of these girls are watched and stalked by older men who may have the tendency to want to do them harm by kidnapping them, sexually assaulting them or even killing them. Children should be allowed to be children, leave the beauty pageants for mature young women. The children’s safety is also a concern (Beauty, 2007).
Parents say that they enter their daughters into the beauty pageants to help their girls learn how to speak to an audience-public speaking, gain self-esteem, and to make friends. This is all well and good if it actually worked out that way, but many of the contestants end up with low self-esteem issues,

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