College Admissions Essay: A Career As A Nurse

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My mother always taught me to put others before myself and to offer a helping hand any time the opportunity arose. If I ever saw someone fall down, I felt the need to check on whoever it was and see if he or she was okay. As a result, I practiced doing this every chance I was given and have grown to love helping others who are in need. My mother taught me not to hate and that anyone could use a helping hand, no matter who that person may be. When I joined HOSA my sophomore year of high school, I was absolutely thrilled because I realized I had found my passion: nursing. Nursing is the perfect career for me because it combines my passion for healthcare as well as my love for helping others who need it the most. I have the opportunity to help multiple people on a daily basis while practicing medicine which is something I have a passion for. The thought of waking up every day knowing that I will get to help multiple people while working makes me excited for the …show more content…
Along with this, I began trying harder in school in order to be able to have a better opportunity of reaching my goal. After months of research, I finally decided what exactly I needed to do for my education. Following graduation, I will be attending Dyersburg State Community College for a year to obtain my prerequisites needed to begin the actual nursing program at another educational institution. Once I have a clearer idea of what I want to do in nursing, I will find a school that best fits my needs and attend it. I will eventually obtain my bachelor’s degree and hopefully continue my education even further with a master’s degree specializing in whatever field I choose. The educational path towards my degree will not be easy, but once I am working and helping others every day, I feel as though all of the studying and practicing will be worth

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