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In Week 1, we learned of the first of three murders that took place along the river walk in Canyon City. A little over a year later, the Arkansas Valley River Walk Killer would soon be tried for her crimes.

On June 7th, 2012, local joggers discovered the first body along the Arkansas Valley River Walk. On June 16th and 24th, 2012, two more murders would take place. All three victims were male, and they all died as a result of gunshot wounds from close range.

The police were swamped with calls from frightened residents. In total, over 400 calls were received regarding the case. The Arkansas Valley River Walk is a popular area for running and walking along the Arkansas River. The small community was gripped by fear, and the police were
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Her statement included the following.

The runner witnessed a female (later identified as Amy Smith) run from the river walk to her car, place something under the seat, and drive from the lot in a hurry.
The runner frequently saw the female jogging along the trail; therefore, she did not think to report it earlier. Also, she did not know the female jogger's name.
3. Witness #3: An interview with the roommate uncovered the following.

Amy had been acting very strange, including angry outbursts and statements regarding making her ex "pay."
Amy has a history of depression and other possible mental health issues. Her moods would swing between highs and lows. She had become very withdrawn and spent most of her time in her room when home.
Officers obtained a search warrant and searched the home of Amy Smith. During the search, officers found a weapon and a journal describing some of the events surrounding the crimes. The writing in the journal was erratic and confusing. The journal provided information that placed the defendant at the Arkansas Valley River Walk during the mornings of each of the murders. The journal also confirmed that Amy possessed a weapon at the time of the murders and contained statements that she wanted to see her ex suffer for breaking up with her.

Based on the witness interviews and the evidence found at the house, Amy Smith was arrested for the murders along the Arkansas Valley River Walk. Soon after the defendant's arrest, she was brought

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