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You Decide: Aero Marketing Campaign
Crystal Stafford Fowler
DeVry Keller Graduate School of Management
MGMT 578- Consumer Behavior
Professor McFaul
Jan 25, 2014

You Decide: Aero Marketing Campaign

As the Director of Business Development for Aero Motors, the tasked proposal of our marketers is to introduce Aero Motors Brand into the North American markets. This was sparked by great interests with the company’s CEO. He has responded, asking our firm GenMax, to manage the proposal presentation. This is a very good offer; enhancing the abilities of creative minds, while giving our firm the opportunity to bring expansive portfolio to the firm and generate new business for Aero Motors. After speaking with several of
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By launching web blogs, which is one of the most popular media sources to the electronic buzz of the Aero brand, this would allow marketers to trade products for promotion. Another, way to market Aero is through Instant messaging. Instant messaging is great method to pitch the buzz marketing campaign. Instant Messaging will allow loyal customers to create efficient Buzz by sharing their customer experience with new potential clients.

Another source marketers can provide, are chat rooms. These chat rooms would be able to focus on a specific audience, and pitch the Aero brand in North American markets. Technology although ever changing, remains to be the most effective way of streamlining the delivery of electronic the buzz marketing systems and its techniques can be very useful to the campaign.
Our second meeting was with Ms. Lee, she had a stimulating method in marketing the Aero Brand. She stated by using existing consumer base to market new innovative motor products, this technique would be widely accepted process of explaining to prospective new consumers of how the Aero experience will benefit them. This will create a feeling of uniqueness and trustworthiness of the brand, adding a personal touch to them on those who may be hesitating on a purchasing a new brand of luxury motor vehicles. After her input, I appreciated the idea of members-only event, and being a part of an elite club of motor vehicle owners.


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