You Better Think About It Essay

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“You Better Think About it” “You better think about it.” My mom’s voice always stays in my mind. The unhappiness is always filled in everyone’s life, especially at the time when we argue with someone. Usually people do not want to argue with someone else; they might feel that is boring or make them angry. I usually do not like to argue because, as an inarticulate person, it is too hard to convince someone of anything. I do not ever win any argument at all, except one time with my mom when I was four years old, and I got “buffed” by the confusion of toy. When I was only four years old, I wanted to have a toy that was very popular and most of my friends and my classmates have, because it is an advanced toy, it can be disassembled and assembled. So, I decided to talk to my mom after school to buy me a popular toy.
After the last class ended, I finally waited until the end of school bell rang. I ran outside as fast as possible, found my mom’s car immediately, pulled the door, and jumped in her car. I did not tell her that I want a toy, because I figured that I already had lots of toys, if I asked for a toy, I would be getting a bad result. So the first sentence was, “I got full score on my math test!”
Well, she was happy when she heard I got full score, but she probably knew my plan and asked me, “What do you want? Anything, but not toys.”
I suddenly became speechless at that moment and thought, “Can she read my mind? How is she knowing everything that I think about?” At…

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