Xerox Case Study

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Case 2
Review Question:
1. How would Xerox define diversity? How has its definition changed over the years?
2. What are the seven reasons why Xerox should be motivated to diversity their workforce? Illustrate how Xerox shows it values workplace diversity.
3. Does Xerox embody or defy the “leaking pipeline” phenomenon? Why?
4. Research question: Compare Xerox to other Fortune 500 companies. How are women and minorities represented at the highest levels of each organization? How can these statistics be improved upon?

At Xerox, Diversity equals Success. The equation certainly has worked for them! According to Fortune magazine’s annual reputation survey. Xerox is the world’s most admired company in the computer industry. According to Anne Mulcahy, Xerox Chairman and former CEO, “Diversity is about more than race and gender. It’s about more than numbers. It’s about inclusion. Diversity means creating an environment where all employees can grow to their fullest potential.” Xerox knows that employees with different ways of thinking, and different ways of perceiving the world, are employees who create innovative solutions. In a business like Xerox, whose lifeblood is fresh ideas, this variety of perpectives is a priceless resource-and a key to achieving critical business results.
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In fact, nearly 5% of revenue is dedicated to Research & Development and Engineering. Says Mulcahy, “Investing in innovation was indeed the best decision. I’ve ever made. Despite the economic slowdown in technology spending, Xerox is still the prominent player in our industry, with a No. 1 reenue share. And at a time when we had a bunker-like mentality to save our company, we also empowered a small but entrepreneurial team to create our services business. Good thing we did. The offerings from Xerox Global Serices have never been more relevant for our customers, who are knocking on our door looking for any way to save money... We’re able to move quickly on these opportunities right now because we decided to fund innovation back then.” With recent annual revenue of $21.6 billion. Xerox is the world’s largest technology-and-services company specializing in document …show more content…
Theirs is a corporate culture of inclusion whose commitment to diversity can be traced back to its very first chairman, Joseph C. Wilson. Chairman Wilson took proactive steps to create a more diverse workforce in response to race riots in the 1960s. With then Xerox President C. Peter McCullough, Wilson called for increased hiring of African Americans in an effort to achieve equality among its workforce. Throughout the 1970s Xerox established an internal affirmatie action office and began to hire a significant number of minority

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