Taking A Look At Xerox

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My initial reaction is I would like to work for Xerox. Xerox sounds like a great company to work for. They are completely head and shoulders above there competition. Moreover, it is amazing that a company like this can even exits. According to the book (Schermerhorn, Osborn, Uhl-Bien, & Gunt, 2012) Xerox is at the fore front position of its industry. They have achieved this by trying to stay ahead of their competitors. For example, (Schermerhorn et al., 2012) Xerox invests about 5% of their revenue into research and development. Moreover, (Schermerhorn et al., 2012) with current yearly revenue of $21.6 billion, Xerox has become one of the largest companies in the world. Additionally, Xerox (Schermerhorn et al., 2012) has the most offerings …show more content…
They draw people in from all different cultures to provide a very robust and well-rounded workforce. They are interested in investing in themselves, which has led them to be ahead of their competitors. Undoubtedly the most amazing component about Xerox is they are the biggest paper company in the world yet they have not become stagnant. Xerox is growing steadily while having huge yearly revenue. In my humble opinion Xerox is a winner, they are clearly the best there is at what they do.

Examining the case study, I believe that Xerox is probably the best kind of company to learn from. They are the biggest type of paper company in the world. They create innovation and growth in a healthy manner. Additionally, they have a very diverse workplace, which keeps them well rounded. Analyzing this company in its current state I believe anyone would be hard pressed to find anything wrong with the company. Therefore, if a company wants to become successful it is clear that the said company must learn from Xerox’s example. If a company follows what Xerox has done and it appears that said company will be successful too. As a future manager I look at Xerox with a bit of envy. I know that not all companies will be run as well as them, in fact most wont. Therefore, I envy those who work at Xerox, but that being said I happy that I know they exist. The reason being is I am going to apply there once I finish

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